Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Every Legendary Armor

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Key Takeaway

There are six legendary armors in Horizon Forbidden West. You can purchase three of them from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena, two of them from the Stitcher in Thornmarsh, and one of them is a reward for completing all the Salvage Contracts in the game.

Equipping a legendary armor in Horizon Forbidden West will allow Aloy to withstand even the most powerful machines in the game. There are six of them in total. Here’s how you can obtain them all.

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    Carja Stalker Elite

    Carja Stalker Elite from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Carja Stalker Elite outfit is the perfect legendary armor to wear if you’re the type of player who emphasizes the use of traps. Its perks and skills increase your trap limit and the speed at which you can set up the trips. It also makes your movements quieter and allows you to carry more smoke bombs.

    To get this legendary armor, earn 54 Arena Medals from the Maw of the Arena and purchase it from Dukkah.

    Nora Thunder Warrior

    Nora Thunder Warrior from Horizon Forbidden West.

    According to its description, the Nora Thunder Warrior is the “ultimate ranged combat armor.” This is an apt description given the perks and skills it provides. The set improves your concentration, stamina regeneration, among others associated with ranged combat.

    Aside from this, it also offers the highest resistance against ranged damage

    You’ll obtain this armor set from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena for 54 Arena Medals.

    Oseram Artificer

    Oseram Artificer from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Oseram Artificer has decent resistances across the board and its resistance against melee damage is the highest in the game. It’s a very sturdy legendary armor that should prove substantial against any enemy type in the game.

    Its skills also improve your power attack and resonator damage. This means not only is this a great legendary armor for resistance, but it also makes you more offensively powerful.

    You’ll receive this outfit once you complete all 17 Salvage Contracts in the game.

    Tenakth Tactician

    Tenakth Tactician from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Tenakth Tactician can make you the ultimate machine tamer in Horizon Forbidden West. Alongside its decent resistances, this legendary armor also gives you skills that prolong override, boost machine health, and higher damage when firing while mounted.

    You can purchase this armor from the Stitcher Merchant in Thornmarsh. It costs 2,000 Metal Shards, 1 Thunderjaw Circulator, and 1 Apex Slitherfang Heart.

    Tenakth Vanquisher

    Tenakth Vanquisher from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Tenakth Vanquisher legendary armor is suited for those who are really confident in their skills. This is because the skills for this armor increase your valor, damage, and defense if you are in low health. As its description says, “The more you bleed, the more your enemies do.”

    You can purchase this armor from Dukkah at the Maw of the Arena for 54 Arena Medals.

    Utaru Winterweave

    Utaru Winterweave from Horizon Forbidden West.

    The Utaru Winterweave is the ultimate stealth armor. Every single one of its skills places emphasis on stealth combat. It makes your movements quieter, your stealth attacks quieter, more powerful, and your smoke bomb capacity.

    You can purchase this legendary armor from the Stitcher in Thornmarsh for 2,000 Metal Shards, 1 Tremortusk Circulator, and 1 Apex Dreadwing Heart.