Link facing a giant skeleton with one eye called a Stalnox in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Beat Stalnox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Prepare to punish this powerful foe!

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Key Takeaway

Attack Stalnox from behind with a weapon that has a long reach and has between 10 to 15 attack. Anything less will take too long to kill Stalnox. Since Stalnox despawns after about 5 minutes, you can’t afford to slowly chip away at his health bar.

Shooting Stalnox in the eye stuns him, but this is difficult to do. Also, the window of attack following an eye shot is small and hardly worth the time.

Once you get Stalnox below 50% health, trigger his slam attack or shoot him in the eye so that his eyeball comes out. Then, use any weapon with a fast attack speed to knock Stalnox’s eyeball away from him as much as you can. This lets you deal a lot of damage safely.

Rinse and repeat until Stalnox meets his defeat!

Usually, to beat Stalnox in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you have to get stronger first. However, with the right tactics, you can take down this mighty foe regardless of the fact he can one-shot you!

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    How to Beat Stalnox in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Video Guide

    Choose the Right Weapons (00:33 in the Video Guide)

    Link equipping a Hinox Hammer in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

    To get double hits on Stalnox’s big hitbox, select a weapon with a long reach. It doesn’t matter if the weapon has a slow attack speed, as Stalnox is pretty slow himself. We chose to use a Hinox Hammer, which you can get nearby in a fort full of Bokoblins (northeast of Giant’s Forest). With a weapon as long as a Hinox Hammer, we were able to hit Stalnox in his pelvis and his foot with most swings.

    You’ll also need a weapon with fast attack speed for Phase 2. When Stalnox’s eyeball falls out, hit it away from him with many quick strikes. This does a fair bit of damage and prevents Stalnox from putting his eye back into its socket. The eyeball has no attacks, so you can hit it without worrying about counterattacks.

    It’s a good idea to bring a bow as well. Shooting Stalnox in the eye during Phase 1 stuns him, but this is less efficient of a tactic than hitting him from behind. The stun duration is pretty short, and it’s far more dangerous to fight Stalnox from the front.

    Lastly, bring weapons of attack power 10 or higher. Stalnox despawns after about five minutes, so you need to do a lot of damage quickly if you want to defeat him.

    How to Attack Stalnox Safely From Behind (00:50 in the Video Guide)

    Link hitting Stalnox in the back.

    When you attack Stalnox from behind, he only has two attacks: stomping around with his feet and a slam attack. During his stomping attack, if you are slightly behind him, he can’t hurt you. As long as you don’t accidentally walk under his feet, you’re safe. This is the best time to attack.

    However, don’t get greedy with your attacks! When you see Stalnox pause, back off, as he’s preparing to do a slam attack. His arms also swing before he does a slam attack, so look out for that. His slam attack deals a lot of damage and has a bigger range than you think. This is the biggest threat when using this strategy.

    How to Handle Stalnox in Phase 2 (01:55 in the Video Guide)

    Link aiming at Stalnox's eye after knocking it out of his skull.

    After Stalnox drops below 50% health, he enters Phase 2. If you shoot Stalnox in the eye during Phase 2, his eyeball falls out. The same thing happens if Stalnox does a slam attack in Phase 2.

    When you see that eyeball hit the ground, do your best to quickly get between it and Stalnox’s body. Switch to a weapon with a fast attack speed and smack the eyeball away from the body so that Stalnox can’t put it back into his skull.

    If you do this successfully, you can defeat Stalnox quickly and safely. The eyeball doesn’t have any attacks, so you can hit it without worrying about counterattacks (03:30 in the Video Guide).

    The Rewards for Beating Stalnox (04:05 in the Video Guide)

    Link picking up a Stalnox Horn after defeating Stalnox.

    The best item that Stalnox drops when defeated is a Stalnox Horn. This item has 29 Fuse Attack Power, which, in the early and mid-parts of the game, is pretty powerful! The other useful item that Stalnox drops is a Hinox Tooth. It has 8 Fuse Attack Power, which isn’t the best but is still usable.

    Alternatively, you can brew these items into elixirs—but, to be honest, we have no idea what you’ll get. We’re saving them for weapon fusions in case we need to beat Stalnox in a different area or take down another tough boss.

    Though, don’t let that stop you! If you really want to cook something up with a Stalnox Horn, that’s fine. Just don’t blame us if the elixir tastes like a crusty old skeleton.