How to Block Someone on Discord

Sometimes it's best to just walk away.
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Key Takeaway

You can block users on Discord by going to their profile, clicking the three dots, and then selecting “Block.”

Discord is all about community, but there may be times when you’re not getting along with someone in a Discord server. The good news is you can block users on both the mobile and desktop versions of Discord.

Table Of Contents

    What Happens When You Block Someone on Discord?

    There are a few things that happen when you block someone on Discord. For starters, the user will no longer be on your Friends list and they can no longer contact you, and vice versa. If they try to send you a message, they’ll receive an error message.

    Additionally, you can’t see any messages the blocked user sends in a shared server. However, the blocked user can still see messages from you in a server. The blocked user will also always appear offline to you, but they can see your current online status.

    Blocking someone on Discord will sometimes resolve issues you may be facing, but if the problems persist or escalate, consider reporting the user to Discord.

    Block Someone on Discord Using the Desktop App

    If you’re using the desktop version of Discord, launch the app and then find the user you want to block. You can find them from a DM or from the online/offline pane to the right of a shared Discord server. Once found, go to their profile.

    Open a users profile in Discord.

    Once on the user’s profile, click the three dots in a vertical line and then click “Block.”

    Block someone on the desktop version of Discord.

    The user is now blocked.

    Block Someone on Discord Using the Mobile App

    You can also block someone using the Discord app for iOS and Android. Launch the app and then locate the user you want to block. Once located, tap their name or profile picture.

    Tap the users profile picture or name.

    Their profile will appear in the bottom half of the screen. tap the three dots in a horizontal line.

    Tap the three dots in a horizontal line.

    Tap “Block” at the bottom of the screen.

    Tap block on the mobile app.

    The user is now blocked.