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How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft

Time to trick the game's ticks!

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Key Takeaway

To increase or decrease your tick speed in Minecraft, you should change the “Random Tick Speed Rate” in the “Edit Game Rules” menu when creating a new world. Here’s where to find this setting:

  1. Click “Create New World”
  2. Click the “More” tab
  3. Click “Game Rules”
  4. Scroll down to “World Updates”
  5. Enter the value you want into the “Random Tick Speed Rate” box


To change the tick speed in Minecraft, you can set the “Random Tick Speed Rate” when creating a new world. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use commands to change tick speed in Minecraft version 1.20 (Java Edition).

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    How to Change Tick Speed in Minecraft Video Guide

    What Is Tick Speed? (00:15 in the Video Guide)

    One tick in Minecraft is one cycle of a recurring gameplay loop that progresses the different aspects of the game. As time advances in-game, things change, such as crops growing and water flowing. Ticks are how Minecraft‘s game engine keeps track of changes in your world.

    There are 20 ticks in every second of gameplay. This means that after every second you spend in your world, the game slightly progresses 20 times.

    Not all blocks are affected by ticks—in fact, most aren’t. Here’s a list of the types of blocks that are affected by tick speed:

    • All Crops (Wheat, Carrots, Potatoes, etc.)
    • Mushrooms
    • Vines
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Snow
    • Leaves
    • Farmland
    • Flowers
    • Grass
    • Mycelium
    • Saplings
    • Lava
    • Mud
    • Lit Redstone Ore
    • Nether Portals
    • Turtle Eggs
    • Campfires
    • Budding Amethysts
    • Copper
    • Pointed Dripstones
    There are 1,200 ticks in one minute of gameplay. Since a full day lasts 20 minutes, there are 24,000 ticks in every Minecraft day.

    Tick Speed Affects Blocks Randomly

    As time passes, not every block is affected by tick speed equally. Ticks affect random blocks in the area you’re in. As such, even if your tick speed is very high, what’s near you still grows inconsistently. Although crops grow much quicker, the intervals at which they grow are still unpredictable due to being influenced by RNG.

    Redstone Ticks Are Different

    Don’t confuse “Redstone Ticks” for the tick speed. The term “Redstone Ticks” is a community-created phrase used to describe how some Redstone blocks work. These blocks have delays between their active periods, which makes it easier to discuss their functions by giving a term to these active periods.

    How to Change the Tick Speed of a New World (01:16 in the Video Guide)

    A Bamboo shoot, an Oak Tree, and a Cherry Tree growing beside each other in Minecraft.

    To set the tick speed of a new world, follow these steps to get to the right menu:

    1. Click “Create New World”
    2. Click the “More” tab
    3. Click “Game Rules”
    4. Scroll down to “World Updates”
    5. Enter the value you want into the “Random Tick Speed Rate” box

    The value that you entered becomes the default tick speed for this world. You can input pretty much any number.

    Be careful if you use high numbers, as setting your tick speed too high can cause lag, freezes, crashes, or other issues.

    It’s also important to keep in mind that you can’t change the tick speed afterward. We tested this by using the command line that’s supposed to change a world’s tick speed; however, it did not work for us (03:25 in the Video Guide).

    We were playing on Java Edition version 1.20. It may have been possible to change tick speed with commands in the past but it does not seem to be possible any longer.

    Is There a Way to Change Tick Speed in an Existing World? (05:08 in the Video Guide)

    To our knowledge: no, there is no way to do so in Minecraft Java Edition 1.20. We tried using a few variations of the command line that used to be able to change your world’s tick speed in Java Edition 1.19, but it no longer seems to work despite the game not giving us any error messages when entering this command line.

    A player inputting a command line that should change tick speed in Minecraft.
    The command line we were using was “/gamerule randomTickSpeed [insert number]”

    The main reason you’d want to change tick speed in Minecraft is to speed up the growth of your crops. If you’re an avid farmer and are looking to harvest a bunch of Glow Berries, Pumpkins, Sugar Cane, and more—set your tick speed at a high value! With that said, doing so is blatantly cheating.

    You’re welcome to do whatever you like in your worlds; however, we’d like to remind you that there’s nothing wrong with taking things slow and enjoying the natural rhythm of your blocky paradise.