Glow Berries on the ground of a greenhouse.

Minecraft: How to Get Glow Berries

Need food, light, and a way to breed Foxes? Glow Berries have you covered for all three!

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Key Takeaway

You can find wild Glow Berries in a few different ways. The biome that will grant you the most Glow Berries is a type of cave biome called a Lush Cave—which can be found below Azalea Trees that grow on the surface. You can also potentially find a few Glow Berries in the Chests of Mineshafts and Ancient Cities, although the odds of this are fairly low.

If you love farming in Minecraft, you’ll want to get Glow Berries at some point. These little golden orbs can be useful as food, a light source, and more. To find some, you’ll first need to head underground.

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    How to Find Glow Berries

    A Lush Cave biome with hanging Glow Berry Vines.

    The best way to find Glow Berries is to find a Lush Cave biome. This type of cave biome generates underneath Azalea Trees that grow at the surface. Such trees will look mostly like regular Oak trees but will have purple flowers on their Leaf blocks.

    Although Lush Caves are a cave biome, they are also classified as a temperate biome: an area with a fairly warm temperature. As such, Lush Caves are most likely to spawn beneath a surface-level temperate biome.

    Therefore, to most easily find a Lush Cave, look for Azalea Trees in a relatively warm biome—but not a hot one like a Desert or Badlands.

    There are also two kinds of naturally generated structures where you can find Glow Berries in Chests. These structures are Mineshafts and Ancient Cities. In Mineshaft Chests, you have roughly a 40% chance to find 3 to 6. And, in Ancient City Chests, you have just under a 25% chance to find 1 to 15.

    How to Farm Glow Berries

    A greenhouse made to grow Glow Berries.

    These little spheres of sunlight are very easy to grow. Firstly, they don’t need water or light. Secondly, they can grow from any kind of solid block—even transparent ones! However, since Glow Berry Vines grow downward, you need to plant them above you on some sort of ceiling.

    To get a vine to start growing, use a Glow Berry on the underside of any solid block. Make sure to leave at least two blocks of space underneath the block you plant your berry. With that said, you’ll want way more space for an efficient farm.

    Glow Berry Vines can grow up to 26 blocks long, and each section is capable of producing fruit. For this reason, if you want the most efficient Glow Berry farm, you should make a vertically-oriented one that’s taller than it is wide.

    The moment you plant a vine, it will start growing. At random intervals, the vine will increase in length. Not all vines will reach 26 blocks long, as the exact size of a vine is random.

    How Bone Meal Affects Glow Berry Growth

    Using Bone Meal on a vine will not cause the vine to grow longer. However, doing so will get a Glow Berry to instantly grow on the section of the vine where you used the Bone Meal. You can use Bone Meal on every section of a vine independently as well; the longer the vine, the more berries you can get from it.

    What Glow Berries Are Used For

    A Fox looking at the player while holding a Glow Berry in its mouth.

    Glow Berries have three main functions in Minecraft. They can be eaten as food, used as a light source, and can be fed to Foxes to breed them.

    Similar to Sweet Berries, you can eat a Glow Berry that you’re holding in your hand to reduce your hunger. Each Glow Berry eaten will restore 1 Hunger Icon’s worth from your Hunger Meter. This isn’t the most nutritious food in the game, but it’s better than starving!

    These berries are arguably better as a light source. When on a vine, Glow Berries will emit light at a level of 14. Since light level 15 is the brightest possible light source in-game, Glow Berries are pretty good at illuminating an area. As such, if you want some organic lighting, Glow Berry Vines are one of the best options.

    Last but not least, Glow Berries can be used to breed Foxes. When you use Glow Berries on a pair of Foxes (one berry each), they will enter love mode and create a baby Fox. The baby will trust the player automatically, however, the parents never will. As such, breeding Foxes is the only way to get a pet Fox.

    You can also breed Foxes with Sweet Berries, which are a bit more common. But since there aren’t too many uses for Glow Berries right now, there’s no harm in using them to breed some Foxes.