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How to Check (and Raise) Friendship in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

Trainers can raise Friendship with any Pokémon by feeding them XP Candies, using them in parties, and winning battles. Check your Friendship Level by talking to Belamy.

Friendship is an important stat in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Since some pocket monsters only evolve when your friendship with them reaches a certain level, trainers will need to know exactly how to figure out this elusive stat.

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    How to Check Friendship Levels

    Character speaking to Belamy on the left, location of Belamy on the map on the right.

    In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Friendship stat with every Pokémon is hidden. There is no menu that has a Friendship number somewhere, so players will have to visit the expert on trainer teams’ relationships. This expert’s name is Belamy, and they can be found in Jubilife Village near the stables.

    Press the interact button to chat with Belamy. This will open up a menu with all your current Pokémon. Click on the one that you want to learn more about.

    • If your relationship with the selected Pokémon is just getting started, Belamy will reply with, “I suppose *** has become a bit friendly toward you, but you’ve a ways to go…”
    • If the Pokémon’s levels are lower than a normal, just-caught Pokémon, he will respond with, “*** seems leery of you yet. New to the team, perhaps?”
    • A good relationship with the Pokémon will get the reply, “*** seems to get on well with you. But I’m sure it could get on better!”
    • An even better relationship will earn the response, “You and *** seem to be fast friends. You must be quite good companions!” This means a Pokémon is ready to evolve.
    • The best response for the greatest relationship is, “You and *** are as friendly as can be! You must simple adore each other’s company!”

    Request number 28 requires that players level up Friendship with a Pokémon. If you can show him a Pokémon with a good or best rating, you will earn a Rare Candy.

    How to Raise Friendship Levels Quickly

    The Friendship menu in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

    There are several ways to level up the Friendship stat in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Using a Pokémon in battles, winning battles, and using Pokémon to grab items out in the world are some great ways to get that Friendship level up. The fastest way, however, is to feed it some Candies.

    The best way to do this is to purchase a bunch of Small Candies. These are the quickest because they can be purchased cheaply and can be fed to a Pokémon in bulk. Other Candies may give more Friendship each time, but they are nowhere near as a quick as feeding a Pokémon 11 Small Candies at a time. Candies can be purchased from the Candy Stand, and Rare Candies can be acquired at the Trading Post.

    • Candy S are 1600p at the Candy Stand
    • Candy M are 6000p at the Candy Stand
    • Candy L are 18,000p at the Candy Stand
    • Candy XL are 50,000p at the Candy Stand
    • Rare Candy are 1,000 merit points at the Trading Post

    List of Pokémon that Level from Friendship

    Belamy assessing character's Friendship Level with Machamp.

    There are only a handful of Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus that require high levels of Friendship to evolve. These are:

    • Budew
    • Buneary
    • Chingling
    • Chansey
    • Cleffa
    • Eevee
    • Golbat
    • Munchlax
    • Pichu
    • Riolu
    • Togepi