How to cure yourself in Subnautica.

How to Cure Yourself in Subnautica

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Planet 4546B can be a very dangerous place. To survive in Subnauticayou’ll need to learn how to cure yourself, which you can do by using a First Aid Kit. Here’s how to get your hands on them.

How to Cure Yourself in Subnautica

Crafting First Aid Kit in Subnautica.

To cure yourself in Subnautica, you’ll need First Aid Kits. A First Aid Kit will restore your health by 50. This equipment is the only way to cure yourself in Subnautica, so you’ll definitely want to have an abundance of this in your inventory and locker.

There are three ways to obtain a First Aid Kit in Subnautica. First, you can craft them by using the Fabricator. Second, you can obtain them from the Medical Kit Fabricator that’s on Lifepod 5. Finally, you can pick them up from Supply Crates found all around the world. There are also First Aid Kits that you can pick up on the Aurora.

How to Craft a First Aid Kit

You’ll only need one Fiber Mesh to craft a First Aid Kit. Bring your Fiber Mesh to the Fabricator and you will receive a First Aid Kit in return.

First Aid Kits From a Medical Kit Fabricator

First Aid Kit from Subnautica.

As long as you have a Medical Kit Fabricator, you should have one First Aid Kit every 10 minutes. There’s already one of these appliances in Lifepod 5, but you can also construct another for your other bases, if you have any, by using the Habitat Builder.

To build a Medical Kit Fabricator, you’ll need a Computer Chip, a Fiber Mesh, one Silver Ore, and one Titanium.


There are a ton of wrecks all around Subnautica. Be sure to seek them out and see if there is a Supply Crate in them. You have a very high chance of looting a First Aid Kit from them.

These are the biomes and places in Subnautica that house wrecks and Supply Crates.

  • Aurora
  • Bulb Zone
  • Crash Zone
  • Bulb Zone
  • Dunes
  • Grand Reef
  • Grassy Plateaus
  • Mountains
  • Safe Shallows
  • Sparse Reef
  • Underwater Island
  • Degasi Seabases
  • Floating Island

A few of these areas, especially around the Aurora, contain dangerous creatures like the Reaper Leviathan. Take caution of them while exploring these areas.