How to Get Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

How to Get Fiber Mesh in Subnautica.

Fiber Mesh in Subnautica is an item needed to create First Aid Kits, the only item you can use to heal yourself. That alone makes it one of the most useful materials in the game. Here’s how to get it.

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    How to Get Fiber Mesh in Subnautica

    Creepvine Samples from Subnautica.

    To get Fiber Mesh in Subnautica, you’ll first need to have Creepvine Samples. You can harvest this from Creepvine plants, which you can find in the Kelp Forests. To harvest Creepvine Samples from a Creepvine, you’ll need to slash them using a Survival Knife. You can craft a Survival Knife with the Fabricator with one Titanium and one Silicone Rubber. You’ll need just two Creepvine Samples to craft one Fiber Mesh, which you can also do with the Fabricator.

    Items You Can Craft Using Fiber Mesh

    First Aid Kit from Subnautica.

    Aside from First Aid Kits, there are a handful of other items that require Fiber Mesh to be crafted. Here are all the craftable items where Fiber Mesh is required:

    • First Aid Kit – 1x Fiber Mesh
    • Synthetic Fibers – 1x Benzene, 1x Fiber Mesh
    • Radiation Suit – 2x Lead, 2x Fiber Mesh
    • Rebreather – 1x Wiring Kit, 1x Fiber Mesh
    • Medical Kit Fabricator – 1x Computer Chip, 1x Silver Ore, 1x Titanium
    • Bed – 2x Titanium, 1x Fiber Mesh
    • Narrow Bed – 1x Titanium, 1x Fiber Mesh