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How to Evolve Electabuzz in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

To evolve your Electabuzz, you’ll need to use an Electirizer on it.

Longtime Pokémon fans are used to this generation’s Electric-type getting new evolutions. However, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, it’s the evolution method that changes for it instead of its evolutionary tree. This is the case for Electabuzz.

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    What You Need to Evolve Electabuzz

    A player looking at an Electirizer in their inventory with an Electabuzz in their party.

    You’ll need an item called an Electirizer to evolve Electabuzz into Electivire. Firstly, however, you’ll need to get an Electirizer into your inventory and an Electabuzz in your party. After you’ve obtained both, use the Electirizer on Electabuzz—which will be compatible with the item as long as it’s inside of its Poké Ball.

    How to Get an Electirizer to Evolve Electabuzz

    There are three main ways of finding an Electirizer. The easiest method is to buy one from Simona in Jubilife Village. Simona, who resides near to the Training Grounds, will sell you an Electirizer for 1,400 Merit Points. To gain Merit Points, you’ll need to adventure around to find and return lost satchels. Each lost satchel you return will give you between 50 to 100 Merit Points.

    The next method is to buy an Electirizer from Ginter, who hangs out near the front of Galaxy Hall. Although his inventory is randomized, you can sometimes find him carrying an “Electricity Box”, which he will sell for $10,000—this is an Electirizer. If Ginter does not have such an item for sale, you can refresh his inventory by leaving town, catching any 20 Pokémon, and then returning to see his new items.

    Lastly, there’s the most luck-based method: finding an Electirizer in a space-time distortion. On occasion, you can find evolutionary items on the ground within space-time distortions. They won’t be nearly as common as Red, Green, and Blue Shards, however, there is a small chance of finding an Electirizer this way.

    Reasons to Use Electivire on Your Team

    An Electivire sleeping while standing up.

    Electivire is one of the few Electric-type Pokémon that are more physically-oriented than specially-oriented. As such, it holds a relatively unique niche as an offensive unit.

    Thanks to its mono-Electric-typing, it has almost no true weaknesses and it’s got balanced enough stats to be a versatile party member. However, you’ll definitely need the help of the move tutor if you want a decent moveset for your Electivire.

    Electivire’s Stats

    This Pokémon’s highest stat is its Attack, followed by its Special Attack and Speed. This clearly indicates that Electivire should be used offensively, however, its Special Defense and HP stats are decent as well.

    By far, Electivire’s lowest stat is its Defense. This is a bit odd, considering how bulky this pocket monster appears. However, this indicates that Electivire cannot take too many physical attacks from foes. This is particularly noteworthy when you realize its only true type weakness (Ground-type moves) are mostly physical in nature.

    The Best Moves for Electivire in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Through leveling up, Electivire will only learn Electric-type moves and a Normal-type one. The best out of these are the status move Thunder Wave (learned at level 18) and Thunder Punch (learned at level 25).

    While Electivire’s Special Attack isn’t the worst, it’s certainly much lower than its Attack stat. As such, you should not bother teaching Electivire special attacks in most cases.

    Where Electivire’s potential can truly be unlocked is at the move tutor, as it is here that it will be able to learn immensely valuable coverage moves.

    Here’s a list of the best physical damage-dealing moves that Electivire can learn from the move tutor:

    • Fire Punch [Fire-type] (75 base power)
    • Ice Punch [Ice-type] (75 base power)
    • Rock Slide [Rock-type] (75 base power)
    • Wild Charge [Electric-type] (85 base power)
    • Iron Tail [Steel-type] (100 base power)
    • Giga Impact [Normal-type] (120 base power)

    Tips for Giving Electivire the Best Moveset

    You should definitely give Electivire Wild Charge, as that is its strongest STAB (same type attack bonus) move. Following that, Thunder Wave is a solid choice due to it being able to cripple an opponent.

    In regards to the other two move slots, you’ll want to choose those depending on your team composition. Pick moves that make up for what types of attacks you’re missing. For example, if you have no Steel-type Pokémon on your team, teaching Electivire Iron Tail can be a good idea.

    Furthermore, Ice Punch is another great choice. Since Ice-type moves are super effective against Ground-types, you can turn the tables on a foe that can greatly hurt Electivire. Due to Electivire’s high Speed stat, you’ll be likely to out-speed a Ground-type (who are usually slow). This can let you hit first and possibly knock it out before it can attack.

    Keep in mind that Electivire’s job is to hit hard. It should be able to knock out foes in one or two hits. Giving it Attack effort values will help a lot with this.