One of the Eevee evolutions. Espeon is standing in front of a yellow and blue background with congratulatory text underneath them.

How to Get Espeon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

You can find Espeon in the space-time distortions that appear in the Alabaster Icelands. However, you can also obtain an Espeon by evolving an Eevee. For the latter method, you’ll need to increase your Friendship Level with Eevee during the day and evolve it while it does not have a Fairy-type move.

To get an Espeon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you’ll need either luck or to become friendly with an Eevee. However, if you choose to evolve an Eevee, there are some pitfalls that you’ll need to avoid.

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    How to Get a Wild Espeon

    Player flying with Braviary towards a shimmering rainbow dome.

    Wild Espeon can spawn in the space-time distortions that appear in the Alabaster Icelands area. Espeon are considered “common spawns” in such distortions, so you should have a relatively easy time finding one.

    While inside a space-time distortion within the Alabaster Icelands, be sure to keep moving, as this will cause more Pokémon to spawn. The more Pokémon you spawn, the higher the odds of an Espeon showing up.

    How to Make Space-Time Distortions Spawn

    Put simply, you’ll need to spend a lot of time in the Alabaster Icelands. Stay there without traveling back to Jubilife Village, resting at a camp, or fast traveling to increase the odds of space-time distortions spawning.

    While waiting for one to appear, you can catch and battle wild Pokémon, collect resources, and complete requests in the area. None of those will slow down the spawning timer for space-time distortions.

    How to Evolve Eevee

    An Eevee in the player's party ready to evolve. Its Poké Ball is glowing yellow.

    To evolve an Eevee into an Espeon, you’ll need to increase its Friendship Level and evolve Eevee during the day.

    However, before triggering evolution, make sure to remove all Fairy-type moves from Eevee’s moveset, otherwise, it will evolve into a Sylveon. Furthermore, be sure not to evolve Eevee at night, as that will cause it to turn into an Umbreon.

    Tips for Raising Eevee’s Friendship Level Quickly

    Here’s a list of the things you can do to raise Eevee’s Friendship Level:

    • Keep Eevee in your party
    • Keep Eevee at full health
    • Use Eevee in battles
    • Win battles with Eevee in your party
    • Get Eevee to collect resources
    • Feed Eevee candies

    The quickest, yet most expensive, way to increase Eevee’s Friendship Level quickly is to feed them tons of Candies. The more the merrier, so you’ll want to stuff the furry little Normal-type with as many Candy S as possible.

    If you don’t have enough money to mass-buy Candy S from the Candy Shop near Galaxy Hall, the next best method is harvesting lots of resources. Run around any area and get Eevee to collect anything and everything to swiftly raise its Friendship Level.

    When Eevee is ready to evolve from a high enough Friendship Level, you’ll get a small prompt on the left of your screen saying so. Furthermore, in your party menu, Eevee’s Poké Ball will be glowing yellow.

    Reasons to Use Espeon on Your Team

    An Espeon standing on a snowy hill.

    While Espeon has an okay movepool and average type matchups for a Psychic-type Pokémon, its best trait is its high Special stats and its Speed.

    Most notably, Espeon (with ideal effort values and a positive nature) will usually end up having around 200 in its Special Attack stat by level 50. This is very offensively powerful when compared to many other Psychic-type Pokémon.

    Furthermore, Espeon’s Speed stat is almost as high as its Special Attack stat. As a result, Espeon will be able to hit foes fast and hard. It’s not unlikely that Espeon will allow you to one-shot many opponents.

    On top of that, Espeon has a great Special Defense stat—although it’s not as high as Espeon’s Speed or Special Attack. Such a useable Special Defense stat will allow Espeon to endure plenty of hits from Special Attacks (as long as Espeon isn’t weak to them).

    As for its HP, Attack, and Defense stats: they’re all quite low. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid facing off against fast and physically-oriented enemies.

    In regards to type matchups, besides the above-mentioned threats, you should only be worried about facing Bug, Ghost, and Dark-types. Apart from those, this pinkish-purple Eeveelution won’t have too many issues.

    The Best Moves for Espeon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

    Through leveling up, the best moves that Espeon can learn are Psychic (at level 25) and Calm Mind (at level 34). For the most part, these two moves are all you’ll need. The only other moves you’ll need are those to deal with foes that resist or are immune to Psychic-type attacks.

    As for move tutor moves, there is only a small number of them that are viable on Espeon. Put simply, Dazzling Gleam, which is a Fairy-type move with 75 base power, is the best coverage move for Espeon. It allows Espeon to hit Dark-type Pokémon with super effective damage, which is more than enough to cover its weakness to such shady foes.

    Besides Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball (a Ghost-type move with 80 base power) and Hyper Beam (a Normal-type move with 120 base power) are the only other solid choices for Espeon’s moveset.

    To summarize, an ideal moveset for Espeon will contain Calm Mind, Psychic, and Dazzling Gleam. Then, select either Shadow Ball or Hyper Beam to round out the moveset.