Sled Ready Guff skin in Fortnite.

How to Get Free Fortnite Skins

Although it's rare, you can occasionally pick up some skins in Fortnite for free if you keep up with in-game events.

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Key Takeaway

Free skins are often included in Fortnite as part of a crossover content event or a seasonal challenge. You can also sometimes get them as rewards for having certain subscriptions.

It’s quite rare to actually pick up Fortnite skins for free. If you don’t have the game’s Battle Pass, you’ll need to take additional steps to get your hands on some free Fortnite skins. However, it is possible.

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    Getting Free Fortnite Skins

    Epic Games don’t tend to give away free Fortnite skins very often. However, there are occasions when players can pick up some free new looks. Usually, this comes down to taking part in challenges or seasonal events.

    For example, there are usually at least one or two free skins given out during Fortnite’s holiday season giveaway, Winterfest. This event takes place over a couple of weeks during the Christmas and New Year periods.

    Presents are given out to players on a daily basis throughout Winterfest. This means that you’ll be able to pick up one or two skins for free, simply by opening all of your Winterfest gifts. Additionally, these skins are unlockable on all platforms, unlike other console or subscription-specific items.

    It’s also possible to get hold of free Fortnite skins during certain crossover events or challenges. Players can take part in these events with a chance to pick up a free skin as a reward for being the highest-ranking player, for example. However, on the whole, it’s quite uncommon to find free skins in-game. To try and get some, you’ll need to keep an eye out for the game’s regular events and giveaways.

    Currently Available Free Fortnite Skins

    At the moment, there’s currently only one free Fortnite skin for players to pick up in-game. It’s not completely free, however, as it’s one that’s only available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

    The Blue Phoenix Pack for PlayStation Plus subscribers in Fortnite.

    If you’re currently signed up for PlayStation Plus, you can get the Blue Phoenix Pack now by claiming it from the PlayStation Store. The Blue Phoenix Pack contains a Jun-Hwan Outfit, an Ember Holster Back Bling, and an Ember Baton Pickaxe.

    Most recently, the Winterfest event allowed players to pick up the Arctic Adeline skin and the Sled Ready Guff skin for free.

    The Arctic Adeline Winterfest 2022 free skin in Fortnite.

    However, these had to be claimed by January 3, 2023, before the Winterfest event concluded.

    Chrome Punk was also recently available to earn for free by completing the Chrome Punk Quests. However, these had to be completed by January 1, 2023. Another skin narrowly missed out on for those hoping to pick up a new look right now.

    Fortnite was also offering the Xander skin as a free reward for those who invited new players to the game. This was through their refer-a-friend scheme for 2022. However, this has been temporarily disabled, with no further word from Epic Games yet as to when it may return. It’s possible that the refer-a-friend scheme may be brought back soon, with either Xander or a new free skin to claim in the future.

    We’ll update this section with further information on free skins as they come into Fortnite.

    Picking up Skins With the Battle Pass

    One of the most guaranteed ways to obtain a range of additional skins is by playing through the game’s Battle Pass.  The Battle Pass does cost V-Bucks. However, you earn these back with interest by leveling up whilst playing. There are many skins to pick up by leveling up your Battle Pass throughout a season of Fortnite.

    Although they’re not technically free, as you’ll need to spend 950 V-Bucks to access the Battle Pass, these skins do come quite close to feeling like freebies. That’s because you’ll be able to claw back 1,500 V-Bucks by leveling up through the tiers as you play.

    Other Ways of Getting Free Fortnite Skins

    You can occasionally pick up free Fortnite skins as a reward for being part of a subscription service. For example, the Blizzard Bomber skin, which was released during Fortnite Chapter Three Season Three, could only be redeemed by players who were members of PlayStation Plus.

    Skins are also sometimes available to claim as part of console-specific promotions. Although, it’s important to remember they’re usually bundled in as part of an additional, larger purchase. So, if you’re thinking of buying a new Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch console, you’ll probably find a Fortnite promotional bundle that’ll come with a number of skins included in your purchase.

    Other than that, picking up free skins for Fortnite is often a matter of keeping an eye out for ongoing promotions and giveaways. Also, be sure to keep a close eye on Fortnite’s competitive challenges. You can often pick up a free skin by taking part and ranking highly in those.