How to Get Out of Power Armor in Fallout 4

The players view from within a suit of power armor on a rainy day.

A highlight of your Fallout 4 playthroughs is usually getting into a suit of power armor. However, getting out may be a bit confusing at first, as the control for this is never explained to you clearly.

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    How to Get Into Your Power Armor

    the player getting into their power armor after it opens up in the back, revealing enough space for a human to fit

    Stepping into your power armor will be easy, as all that needs to be done is if for you to interact with it. To do so, walk up to the metal suit and press the interact button or key. This input will vary depending on the platform you are playing on. However, the button or key required will show up in a prompt when you are close enough to your power armor to touch it.

    How to Get Out of Your Power Armor

    This part can be a bit confusing since there is no visible prompt for exiting power armor. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to get out of your power armor by holding down the interact button or key. Whatever input you used to enter your power armor, hold that one down to get back out.

    Tips for Getting In and Out of Your Power Armor

    While rare, it is possible for you to get stuck in a physical location when you get out of your power armor. For example, if you try to get out while your back is right up against a wall, you could get wedged in place. Your character model would get stuck between your armor and a hard place, preventing movement. Usually, you can get back into your power armor from such a position. This would allow you to move forward a bit before trying again for a less awkward exit.

    While being sure to avoid the above, you should also place your power armor station somewhere accessible. Placing it up against a wall or in a tight space could lead to getting stuck. An open area, either indoors or outdoors, would be a better place for your power armor-related activities.