Link picking up a Green Rupee in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Get Rupees in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

From Rubies to Rupees—it's time to get rich!

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Key Takeaway

Here are the best ways to get Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

  1. Cook & sell meals
  2. Make & sell elixirs
  3. Farm ore deposits
  4. Explore the Depths
  5. Defeat Taluses

If you want to get Rupees in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are some easy ways to become rich quickly. All of these methods involve crafting or exploring, so be sure to stock up on resources as you travel far and wide!

Table Of Contents

    Cook & Sell Meals

    Link about to sell a Meat and Rice Bowl to Beedle for 34 Rupees.

    The easiest way to get Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom is to cook and sell meals. Your materials inventory has infinite space, meaning there’s no downside to harvesting every material that you find. This makes cooking meals easy, as you’ll always have ingredients.

    You can sell any meal to any merchant, which makes this a convenient way to make money. However, the higher the quality of the meal, the more Rupees you’ll get. By “higher quality,” we mean meals that have stronger effects.

    For example, a meal that restores five Hearts sells for more Rupees than one that restores four Hearts. The same goes for other effects; a meal that restores one full ring of Stamina sells for more than a meal that restores half a ring of Stamina.

    Make & Sell Elixirs

    Link about to sell a Sticky Elixir to Beedle for 136 Rupees.

    Similar to cooking and selling meals, you can make and sell elixirs for potentially more Rupees. You can make elixirs by using the same method as cooking (holding items in your hands and putting them into a cooking pot). However, you need to use critters (such as lizards, frogs, and insects) and monster parts in place of food materials like apples and meat.

    Critters are a bit harder to come by than food materials, so making elixirs isn’t quite as easy as cooking meals. With that said, depending on the potency of your elixir, you can get Rupees faster. We tested the selling price of various elixirs and meals, which resulted in our coming to the conclusion that—on average—elixirs sell for more than meals.

    As with meals, the stronger the effects of your elixir, the better the selling price. For example, an elixir that has an effect that lasts for nine minutes sells for more Rupees than an elixir that lasts for eight minutes.

    Farm Ore Deposits

    Link smashing an ore deposit and getting a Rock Salt and a Diamond.

    Precious stones like Diamonds, Sapphires, and Rubies sell for many Rupees each. This makes mining another great way to make money in Tears of the Kingdom. On top of that, ore deposits respawn every few hours, so you can go back to lucrative locations repeatedly!

    When you find an ore deposit (a shiny black stone) in and around caves, be sure to smash them with a hammer-type weapon. Though, before breaking the ore, we recommend that you save your game beforehand. This is so you can reload your game to break the ore deposit again for multiple chances of getting higher-tier ores.

    Each ore deposit has a random chance to give you one to two ores of different types. Although the types of ore a deposit can give you will depend on that specific deposit.

    For example, an ore deposit may only be able to spawn Flint and Amber when broken. Therefore, no matter how many times you save and load your game, it can only give you either Flint or Amber.

    With that said, the better ores (like Diamonds, Sapphires, etc.) have smaller chances to spawn, so you’ll need to save and load a few times to determine if an ore deposit has the potential to drop such ores.

    Explore the Depths

    Link gliding through The Depths.

    While the Depths are dangerous, they’re also full of loot! This means there are plenty of treasure chests to find. Also, the enemies here usually drop higher-quality monster parts and weapons—all of which sell for more Rupees than the more common varieties found above ground.

    Furthermore, there are tons of Zonaite deposits in the Depths. This resource is important for creating Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges; however, you can also sell extra Zonaite for Rupees. The abundance of Zonaite deposits in the Depths means that you’ll almost never be lacking in this resource if you explore underground.

    Defeat Taluses

    Link riding a horse and looking at a Battle Talus, which is a large, stone enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

    Even though fighting Battle Taluses and Stone Taluses can be a bit tricky, they’re worth it for the high-quality goods you get. Not only do the defeated rock enemies drop lots of Amber (which sells for a decent price) but there’s also usually a treasure chest near them that gives you something good—like a Ruby or a Sapphire.

    If you need a strong hammer-type weapon, the stone hearts of these big bruisers can be fused to a weapon. If you plan to do so, we recommend fusing a Talus Heart with a weapon that has high durability, as this lets you make better use of this rare resource (it can be used more before it breaks).

    Above are the best methods we could find to get Rupees in Tears of the Kingdom, however, there are more! If you don’t mind cheating a bit, you can use the duplication glitch to spawn infinite amounts of rare ore to sell. This is both easy and risk-free—though can break your immersion. Find your preferred money-making method and lean into it to become the richest adventurer ever!