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How to Get Wheat in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Become Animal Crossing: New Horizon's master chef by using Wheat to make numerous meals.

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Key Takeaway

You can get Wheat by purchasing Wheat Starts from Leif and then growing it yourself.

Wheat is a crafting material in Animal Crossing: New Horizons that was introduced in the 2.0 update of the game. You can turn it into Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour to craft numerous meals that can be used for energy points.

Table Of Contents

    How to Get Wheat Starts

    Character buying Wheat Starts from Leif.

    To get Wheat—leading to Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour—you’ll need to get some Wheat Starts. Wheat Starts will allow you to grow your own Wheat. You can buy these Wheat Starts from Leif, the Gardener who sells various Plants and Seeds, for 280 Bells each. However, you’ll need to wait for Leif to have Wheat Starts in stock.

    Leif will visit your island randomly every two weeks, and he will be available to purchase from between 5AM and 10PM. Alternatively, you can unlock Harv’s Island Plaza and purchase from Leif there.

    How to Unlock and Use Harv’s Island Plaza

    Harvey's Island Plaza.

    Harv’s Island which has the Photo Studio on it will unlock as soon as you have three villagers living on your island. He’ll then call and ask you to fly to his island. After you’ve done so and checked out his Photo Studio, you will receive a letter from Harv asking you to visit again. When you return to his island, walk straight past the Studio and into the Island Plaza. Speak with Harv and Harriet about their commune.

    After this, you can bring various vendors to the Plaza for 100,000 Bells each. Find the Lloid that is taking donations for a plant vendor. Donate the 100,000 Bells, wait until it’s built, and Leif will always be at this location henceforth.

    How to Make Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour

    DIY Recipe for Flour.

    Once you’ve obtained your Wheat Starts and grown some Wheat, you’re almost ready to turn it into Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour. However, to do so, you’ll need to have a Stonework Kitchen.

    How to Make a Kitchen

    DIY Recipe for Stonework Kitchen.

    To Build a Stonework Kitchen, you’ll need to first unlock its DIY recipe by purchasing the DIY Recipes+ at the Nook Shop for 2,000 Nook Miles. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need the following items to craft the Stonework Kitchen:

    Once your Kitchen is built, simply visit it and use 5 Wheat to craft Flour. Crafting Whole-Wheat Flour may take one extra step.

    How to Unlock Whole-Wheat Flour Recipe

    Whole-Wheat Flour Recipe.

    While Flour will be available to make immediately after building the Stonework Kitchen, you may need to take an extra step to make Whole-Wheat Flour. Go to Nook’s Cranny and purchase the Basic Cooking Recipes for 4,980 Bells, if you don’t have this yet. Once you do this, Whole-Wheat Flour will be available to make in your Stonework Kitchen.

    What Is Wheat Used For?

    Wheat doesn’t have a bunch of uses in crafting. You can craft these items with Wheat:

    ItemWheat Required
    Veggie Basket1
    Whole-Wheat Flour5

    However, Flour and Whole-Wheat Flour, which are made from Wheat, are used to make a variety of meals.

    Flour Uses

    Flour is a cooking ingredient used in many different recipes.

    ItemFlour Required
    Carrot Potage1
    Potato Potage1
    Mushroom Potage1
    Potato Galette2
    Veggie Quiche1
    Veggie Sandwich2
    Mixed-Fruits Sandwich2
    Tomato Bagel Sandwich2
    Pumpkin Bagel Sandwich2
    Mixed-Fruits Bagel Sandwich2
    Salmon Bagel Sandwich2
    Mushroom Crepe2
    Veggie Crepe2
    Bread Gratin2
    Pull-Apart Bread2
    Snack Bread3
    Savory Bread3
    Gnocchi di Carote2
    Gnocchi di Patate2
    Gnocchi di Zucca2
    Spaghetti Marinara3
    Spaghetti Napolitan3
    Squid-Ink Spaghetti3
    Tomato Curry3
    Carrot-Tops Curry3
    Potato Curry3
    Pumpkin Curry3
    Mushroom Curry3
    Squid-Ink Curry3
    Pizza Margherita3
    Mushroom Pizza3
    Fruit Pizza3
    Seafood Pizza3
    Sea-Bass Pie3
    Aji Fry1
    Frosted Cookies1
    Thumbprint Jam Cookies1
    Coconut Cookies1
    Veggie Cookies1
    Roost Sablé Cookie1
    Frosted Pretzels1
    Plain Cupcakes1
    Fruit Cupcakes1
    Pumpkin Cupcakes1
    Veggie Cupcakes1
    Plain Scones2
    Fruit Scones2
    Orange Tart1
    Cherry Tart1
    Peach Tart1
    Pear Tart1
    Apple Tart1
    Mixed-Fruits Tart1
    Carrot Cake1
    Sugar Crepe2
    Mixed-Fruits Crepe2
    Pound Cake2
    Brown-Sugar Pound Cake2
    Orange Pound Cake2
    Pumpkin Pound Cake2
    Cake Salé2
    Coconut Pancakes2
    Fruit-Topped Pancakes2
    Orange Pie3
    Cherry Pie3
    Peach Pie3
    Pear Pie3
    Apple Pie3
    Mixed-Fruits Pie3
    Spooky Cookies1
    Clam Chowder1
    Pumpkin Pie3
    Olive-Flounder Meunière2

    Whole-Wheat Flour Uses

    Whole-Wheat Flour is another cooking ingredient used to make the following meals:

    ItemWhole-Wheat Flour Required
    Salmon Sandwich2
    Carrot Bagel Sandwich2
    Bread Gratin2
    Organic Bread3
    Brown-Sugar Cupcakes1
    Carrot Scones2
    Pumpkin Scones2