Getting Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII.

How to Get Yuffie in Final Fantasy VII

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Yuffie Kisaragi is an optional character in Final Fantasy VII. To have her join your team, you’ll need to encounter her in a forest on the world map, fight her, and then make specific choices in the dialogue sequence that follows.

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    Finding Yuffie

    Searching for Yuffie in a forest on the world map.

    You can encounter Yuffie after you leave Midgar and make it through the Mythril Mines. To encounter her, you must engage in a random battle in a forest on the world map. Depending on which part of the game you’re on and which forest you’re in, the chances of encountering Yuffie as a random encounter differ.

    If you want to recruit Yuffie as early as possible, walk around in a forest after you leave the Mythril Mines. The chances of a random encounter with Yuffie at this point in the game are quite low, at only 12.5%. At these odds, be prepared to fight several enemies before Yuffie appears.

    Fighting Yuffie

    Fighting Yuffie in a forest on the world map.

    Once you finally encounter Yuffie, you’ll need to defeat her in battle. Fighting Yuffie is pretty easy and no special strategy is required to best her. Just hit her with your strongest attacks until she’s down.

    Do note that Yuffie will occasionally turn one of your party members into a toad. The Toad status locks all commands except Attack (although your attack power will be 1/4 of the normal amount), Item, and the Toad spell if you have it. It’s recommended to have the Maiden’s Kiss item in stock to reverse the Toad status.

    The Proper Dialogue

    The party talking to Yuffie before recruiting her.

    After you defeat Yuffie in battle, she’ll be laying down on the next screen with the party members looking over at her. Do not use the save point, as this will result in Yuffie stealing Gil from you and disappearing–meaning you’ll have to find her in a random encounter and repeat the process from the beginning.

    Walk over to Yuffie and speak to her. In the dialogue that follows, choosing the wrong option will result in Yuffie disappearing, forcing you to find her again as a random encounter.

    Here’s how the conversation with Yuffie should go:

    Yuffie: “You spikey-headed jerk! One more time, let’s go one more time!”

    Cloud: “Not interested

    Yuffie: “You’re pretty scared of me, huh!?”

    Cloud: “Petrified…

    Yuffie: “I’m gonna leave! I mean it!

    Cloud: “Wait a second!

    Yuffie: “You want me to go with you?

    Cloud: “That’s right

    Yuffie: “All right! I’ll go with you!

    Cloud: “Let’s hurry

    Following this dialogue sequence, Yuffie will shout that you don’t even know her name and the character name screen will appear. Select her name and she will join the party.

    The Dating Mechanic

    Yuffie is one of the datable characters during the date scene at the Gold Saucer. Depending on your answers during the dialogue sequence, a certain score (which is how the game decides which character you will date) will be added.

    • “All right”: None
    • “Not interested”: +2
    • “Petrified…”: +2
    • “You’re gonna lose again”: None
    • “Go ahead”: None
    • “Wait a second!” +2
    • “That’s right”: +2
    • “You kiddin’?”: None
    • “What’s your name?”: None
    • “Let’s hurry”: +2

    Even though this adds points to Yuffie’s score, you should still recruit her. This won’t affect the final result of your date if you wanted to date someone else.