Vincent joining the party in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII: How to Get Vincent

Recruit the former Turk whose past is shrouded in mystery.

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Key Takeaway

You can get Vincent by unlocking the safe in Shinra Mansion, getting the key to and unlocking the basement, and talking to Vincent who’s asleep in the coffin.

Vincent Valentine is an optional character in Final Fantasy VII. To have him join your team, you’ll need to do some investigative work at the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. Make sure you’re well-equipped in advance.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Find Vincent

    Vincent is located in a coffin in a locked room in the basement of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. You can recruit him as early as your first visit to Nibelheim (but not during Cloud’s Nibelheim flashback in Kalm). You need to unlock the safe in the Shinra Mansion to get the key to the room in the basement and recruit Vincent.

    The Shinra Mansion Safe Code

    The Shinra Mansion safe code is Right 36Left 10Right 59Right 97. It’s not necessary to find the codes hidden in the mansion before opening the safe. Just remember that you only have 20 seconds and you can’t pass the numbers while turning. If you want to find the location of each code, continue reading. Otherwise, you can go ahead and open the safe and face Lost Number.

    When you enter the Shinra Mansion, you’ll see a note to your left. Read this note to learn that a Turk was scientifically altered and put to sleep in the basement. This Turk, of course, is Vincent. The note tells you to search the area if you want to find him.

    Once you finish reading this letter, you’ll discover another letter. It contains these instructions:

    • Move the dial on the safe carefully but quickly. You have 20 seconds.
    • You can not go past the numbers while turning.

    The note will also give you several hints on where to find the codes for the safe.

    • Dial (1) – The lid of the box with the most oxygen.
    • Dial (2) – Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray.
    • Dial (3) – The creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor… then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.

    At first glance, you’ll assume there are only three hints. However, the fourth hint is written in invisible ink. Select the empty slot to uncover the fourth hint.

    • Dial (4) – The fourth row has been written in invisible ink… Dial (4) is (Right 97).
    The fourth code to the safe in the Shinra Mansion.

    To find the first code, go upstairs and to the left. Enter the round room with a chest in the middle of it. Check the open chest to find the code written on the back of the lid.

    The first code for the safe in Shinra Mansion.

    Go back to the first floor and head into the room straight ahead (in the background). Then enter the room to the left and examine the floor next to the piano. You’ll find the second code here.

    The second code for the safe in Shinra Mansion.

    To find the third code, go upstairs and to the right. Take your first left and examine the floor before you get to the door. Just listen for the squeak to know where to examine.

    The third code for the safe in the Shinra Mansion.

    Now that you have the safe code, go upstairs and to the left. Enter the room in the back to find the safe.

    Defeat Lost Number and Get the Basement Key

    When you open the safe, you’ll have to face Lost Number, an optional boss in Final Fantasy VII. Lost Number is a fairly difficult boss if you face it during your first visit to Nibelheim.

    If you damage Lost Number with a magic attack, it will turn Red and its Magic and Magic Defense stats will significantly increase. Similarly, if you physically attack Lost Number, it will turn Purple and its Attack and Defense stats will increase. Strategize your battle respective to the stats of your current party members.

    One trick to make the battle much easier is to inflict Poison on Lost Number. Poison will not cause Lost Number to change forms, making the battle significantly easier.

    Fighting Lost Number in the Shinra Mansion.

    Once defeated, you’ll receive Cosmo Memory, Red XIII’s final Limit Break. You’ll also get the Key to the Basement Key Item.

    Open the Locked Basement Door and Get Vincent

    Vincent confessing his sin.

    Once you have the key, go down the spiral staircase to the basement. Use the key to open the locked room. Interact with the coffin to wake Vincent from his nightmare. Continue through the dialog until he tells you to leave.

    Interact with the coffin again and choose the “Who are you?” dialog. Exhaust the dialog and he will eventually tell you to leave yet again. Once you attempt to leave the basement, Vincent will come after you and tell you he is going to come with you, officially joining the party.