Making buckets in Terraria.

How to Make a Bucket in Terraria

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A lot of different materials, from wood to water, are required for crafting. In order to collect the latter, you will need a Bucket. Here’s how you can make a Bucket in Terraria.

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    How to Make a Bucket in Terraria

    Empty Bucket in Terraria.

    To craft your own bucket in Terraria, you’ll need these materials:

    • 3 Iron Bars or Lead Bars with a Furnace
    • 4 Lead Fences with an Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil

    To create an Iron Bar or a Lead Bar, collect 3 Iron Ores or Lead Ores from the surface, underground, or from various caverns. For your furnace, you’ll need to collect 20 Stone Blocks, 4 Woods, and 3 Torches. You can then use these items to craft a Furnace by using a Work Bench.

    Going with 4 Lead Fences is a viable option for you if you already have an Iron Anvil or a Lead Anvil, less than 3 Lead Bars, and less than 3 Iron Bars since it only requires 1 Lead Bar to create 4 Iron Fences.

    Once you have the necessary materials listed above, you can craft an Empty Bucket using the designated crafting station.

    What The Bucket is Used For

    Sinks in Terraria.

    Once crafted, the base form of this tool is called Empty Bucket. You can then use this to collect Water, Lava, or Honey. Once collected, the Empty Bucket will become a Water Bucket, Lava Bucket, or Honey Bucket, depending on the liquid that you’ve collected.

    While the Lava and Honey Buckets are mainly used for transport or to simulate platforms, the Water Bucket, on the other hand, is a crafting material used to create various items. The following are the craftable items that require a Water Bucket:

    • Nebula Sink
    • Solar Sink
    • Stardust Sink
    • Vortex Sink
    • Bone Sink
    • Lesion Sink
    • Flesh Sink
    • Glass Sink
    • Honey Sink
    • Frozen Sink
    • Metal Sink
    • Lihzahrd Sink
    • Living Wood Sink
    • Skyware Sink
    • Slime Sink
    • Steampunk Sink
    • Bamboo Sink
    • Boreal Wood Sink
    • Cactus Sink
    • Crystal Sink
    • Dynasty Sink
    • Ebonwood Sink
    • Granite Sink
    • Green Dungeon Sink
    • Marble Sink
    • Martian Sink
    • Meteorite Sink
    • Mushroom Sink
    • Obsidian Sink
    • Palmwood Sink
    • Pearwood Sink
    • Pink Dungeon Sink
    • Pumpkin Sink
    • Rich Mahogany Sink
    • Sandstone Sink
    • Shadewood Sink
    • Spider Sink
    • Spooky Sink
    • Wooden Sink

    You also have a chance to collect a Bottomless Water Bucket or Bottomless Lava Bucket by completing fishing quests while in Hardmode, although the chances of obtaining one are only 1 in 70. As the name implies, a Bottomless Bucket does not need to be refilled and can be used infinitely.