Making Anvils in Terraria.

How to Make an Anvil in Terraria

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Terraria sports four different Anvil crafting stations and each one is used to craft a various number of items. Here’s everything you need to know to make an Anvil in Terraria (and what you can make with each one).

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    Different Types of Anvils

    The Anvils in Terraria.

    There are actually four different kinds of Anvils in the game, two of which are pre-Hardmode and the other two are Hardmode-exclusive.

    • Pre-Hardmode – Iron Anvil and Lead Anvil
    • Hardmode-Exclusive – Mythril Anvil and Orichalcum Anvil

    The Iron Anvil and the Lead Anvil are virtually identical. The items that you can craft on them are the same. The only distinction between them is one ingredient. The same can be said for the Mythril and Orichalcum Anvils.

    How to Make an Anvil in Terraria

    The Mythril Anvil and Orichalcum Anvil in Terraria.

    Now that you know the different kinds of Anvils in Terraria, it’s time for you to craft them yourself. Here are the four different Anvils in the game and how to make them:

    Iron or Lead Anvil

    You can craft an Iron or a Lead Anvil by bringing 5 Iron or Lead Bars on a Work Bench. 5 Iron Bars will result in an Iron Anvil while 5 Lead Bars make a Lead Anvil. You can create an Iron Bar or a Lead Bar with 3 Iron Ores or Lead Ores on a Furnace.

    Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil

    Mythril and Orichalcum Anvils can be crafted using the previously mentioned anvils. To craft a Mythril Anvil, collect 10 Mythril Bars and craft the anvil using an Iron Anvil or a Lead Anvil. For the Orichalcum Anvil, you’ll need 12 Orichalcum Bars.

    Mythril Bars and Orichalcum Bars are crafted by using Mythril and Orichalcum Ores in a Furnace.

    Craftable Items with Anvils

    Hardmode Anvil Armors.

    Here’s something for you to look forward to once you’ve crafted all four Anvils. These are all the incredible weapons, items, and armor that become available for you to craft once you create the Anvils:

    Iron or Lead AnvilMythril or Orichalcum Anvil
    1 Second TimerAdamantite Breastplate
    3 Second TimerAdamantite Chainsaw
    5 Second TimerAdamantite Drill
    Actuation RodAdamantite Forge
    AmazonAdamantite Glaive
    Amber HookAdamantite Headgear
    Amber MinecartAdamantite Helmet
    Amber StaffAdamantite Leggings
    Amethyst HookAdamantite Mask
    Amethyst MinecartAdamantite Pickaxe
    Amethyst StaffAdamantite Repeater
    Announcement BoxAdamantite Sword
    ArteryAdamantite Waraxe
    Bamboo ChandelierAngel Wings
    BathtubBat Wings
    Bee BreastplateBee Wings
    Bee GreavesBeetle Helmet
    Bee HeadgearBeetle Leggings
    BeenadeBeetle Scale Mail
    Beetle MinecartBeetle Shell
    Blade of GrassBeetle Wings
    Blood ButchererBlue Phasesaber
    Blood Lust ClusterBone Wings
    Blue PhasebladeButterfly Wings
    Bone JavelinChik
    Bone Throwing KnifeChlorophyte Arrow
    Boreal Wood ChandelierChlorophyte Bullet
    Cactus ChandelierChlorophyte Chainsaw
    ChainChlorophyte Claymore
    Cobalt BreastplateChlorophyte Drill
    Cobalt ChainsawChlorophyte Greataxe
    Cobalt DrillChlorophyte Greaves
    Cobalt HatChlorophyte Headgear
    Cobalt HelmetChlorophyte Helmet
    Cobalt LeggingsChlorophyte Jackhammer
    Cobalt MaskChlorophyte Mask
    Cobalt PickaxeChlorophyte Partisan
    Cobalt RepeaterChlorophyte Pickaxe
    Cobalt SwordChlorophyte Plate Mail
    Cobalt WaraxeChlorophyte Saber
    Cooking PotChlorophyte Shotbow
    Copper AxeChlorophyte Warhammer
    Copper BowCool Whip
    Copper BroadswordCrystal Bullet
    Copper ChainmailCursed Arrow
    Copper ChandelierCursed Bullet
    Copper GreavesDao of Pow
    Copper HammerDemon Wings
    Copper HelmetDragon Breastplate
    Copper PickaxeDragon Greaves
    Copper ShortswordDragon Mask
    Crimson GreavesDrax
    Crimson HelmetDrill Containment Unit
    Crimson ScalemailDurendal
    Crystal ChandelierExcalibur
    Deathbringer PickaxeFairy Bell
    Demon BowFairy Wings
    Diamond HookFlame Wings
    Diamond MinecartFlamethrower
    Diamond StaffForbidden Mask
    Ebonwood BathtubForbidden Robes
    Ebonwood ChandelierForbidden Treads
    Emerald HookFrost Breastplate
    Emerald MinecraftFrost Helmet
    Emerald StaffFrost Leggings
    Empty BucketFrozen Wings
    Fiery GreatswordGhost Wings
    Fisher of SoulsGreen Phasesaber
    Flesh GrinderHallowed Greaves
    FleshcatcherHallowed Headgear
    Fossil GreavesHallowed Helmet
    Fossil HelmetHallowed Hood
    Fossil PickaxeHallowed Jousting Lance
    Fossil PlateHallowed Mask
    Glass KilnHallowed Plate Mail
    Gold AxeHallowed Repeater
    Gold BowHarpy Wings
    Gold BroadswordHoly Arrow
    Gold ChainmailHoverboard
    Gold ChandelierIchor Arrow
    Gold CrownIchor Bullet
    Gold GreavesLight Disc
    Gold HammerLiquid Sensor
    Gold HelmetLogic Sensor
    Gold PickaxeMagical Harp
    Gold ShortswordMechanical Cart
    Granite ChandelierMechanical Eye
    Grappling HookMechanical Skull
    GrateMechanical Worm
    Green PhasebladeMegashark
    Heavy Work BenchMeteor Staff
    Hellfire ArrowMythril Chainmail
    Hornet StaffMythril Chainsaw
    Imp StaffMythril Drill
    Inlet PumpMythril Greaves
    Iron AxeMythril Halberd
    Iron BarMythril Hat
    Iron BowMythril Helmet
    Iron BroadswordMythril Hood
    Iron ChainmailMythril Pickaxe
    Iron DoorMythril Repeater
    Iron FenceMythril Sword
    Iron GreavesMythril Waraxe
    Iron HammerNaughty Present
    Iron HelmetNeptune's Shell
    Iron PickaxeOnyx Blaster
    Iron ShortswordOptic Staff
    Ivy WhipOrange Phasesaber
    Jungle HatOrichalcum Breastplate
    Jungle PantsOrichalcum Chainsaw
    Jungle ShirtOrichalcum Drill
    Lamp PostOrichalcum Halberd
    Large AmberOrichalcum Headgear
    Large AmethystOrichalcum Helmet
    Large DiamondOrichalcum Leggings
    Large EmeraldOrichalcum Mask
    Large RubyOrichalcum Pickaxe
    Large SapphireOrichalcum Repeater
    Large TopazOrichalcum Sword
    Lead AxeOrichalcum Waraxe
    Lead BarPickaxe Axe
    Lead BowPumpkin Moon Medallion
    Lead BroadswordPurple Phasesaber
    Lead ChainmailRainbow Rod
    Lead DoorRed Phasesaber
    Lead FenceShroomite Breastplate
    Lead GreavesShroomite Digging Claw
    Lead HammerShroomite Headgear
    Lead HelmentShroomite Helmet
    Lead PickaxeShroomite Leggings
    Lead ShortswordShroomite Mask
    Light's BaneSky Fracture
    MalaiseSolar Tablet
    Marble ChandelierSparkly Wings
    Metal SinkSpectral Armor
    Meteor HamaxeSpectral Headgear
    Meteor HelmetSpectral Subligar
    Meteor LeggingsSpectre Hamaxe
    Meteor ShotSpectre Hood
    Meteor SuitSpectre Mask
    Meteorite ChandelierSpectre Paint Roller
    MinecartSpectre Paint Scraper
    Minecart TrackSpectre Paintbrush
    Molten BreastplateSpectre Pants
    Molten FurySpectre Pickaxe
    Molten GreavesSpectre Robe
    Molten HamaxeSpectre Wings
    Molten HelmetSpirit Flame
    Molten PickaxeSpooky Wings
    Mushroom ChandelierSuper Star Shooter
    Mythril AnvilSuspicious Looking Skull
    Nightmare PickaxeTattered Fairy Wings
    Orange PhasebladeTerra Blade
    Orichalcum AnvilTitan Helmet
    Outlet PumpTitan Leggings
    Palladium BreastplateTitan Mail
    Palladium ChainsawTitanium Breastplate
    Palladium DrillTitanium Chainsaw
    Palladium HeadgearTitanium Drill
    Palladium HelmetTitanium Forge
    Palladium LeggingsTitanium Headgear
    Palladium MaskTitanium Helmet
    Palladium PickaxeTitanium Leggings
    Palladium PikeTitanium Mask
    Palladium RepeaterTitanium Pickaxe
    Palladium SwordTitanium Repeater
    Palladium WaraxeTitanium Sword
    Palm Wood ChandelierTitanium Trident
    Pearlwood BathtubTitanium Waraxe
    Pearlwood ChandelierTizona
    Phoenix BlasterTonbogiri
    Platinum AxeTrue Excalibur
    Platinum BowTrue Night's Edge
    Platinum BroadswordTurtle Helmet
    Platinum ChainmailTurtle Leggings
    Platinum ChandelierTurtle Scale Mail
    Platinum CrownVenom Arrow
    Platinum GreavesVenom Staff
    Platinum HammerVulcan Repeater
    Platinum HelmetWhite Phasesaber
    Platinum PickaxeYellow Phasesaber
    Platinum Shortsword
    Pressure Plate Track
    Pumpkin Chandelier
    Purple Phaseblade
    Queen Spider Staff
    Red Phaseblade
    Reinforced Fishing Pole
    Rich Mahogany Bathtub
    Rich Mahogany Chandelier
    Ruby Hook
    Ruby Minecart
    Ruby Staff
    Sandstone Chandelier
    Sapphire Minecart
    Sapphire Staff
    Shadewood Bathtub
    Shadewood Chandelier
    Shadow Greaves
    Shadow Helmet
    Shadow Scalemail
    Silver Axe
    Silver Bow
    Silver Broadsword
    Silver Bullet
    Silver Chainmail
    Silver Chainmail
    Silver Greaves
    Silver Hammer
    Silver Helmet
    Silver Pickaxe
    Silver Shortsword
    Space Gun
    Spider Breastplate
    Spider Chandelier
    Spider Greaves
    Spider Mask
    Spider Staff
    Spooky Chandelier
    Star Cannon
    Tendon Bow
    Terra Toilet
    The Breaker
    The Meatball
    Thorn Chakram
    Tin Axe
    Tin Bow
    Tin Broadsword
    Tin Chainmail
    Tin Chandelier
    Tin Greaves
    Tin Hammer
    Tin Helmet
    Tin Pickaxe
    Tin Shortsword
    Topaz Hook
    Topaz Minecart
    Topaz Staff
    Trash Can
    Tungsten Axe
    Tungsten Bow
    Tungsten Broadsword
    Tungsten Bullet
    Tungsten Chainmail
    Tungsten Chandelier
    Tungsten Greaves
    Tungsten Hammer
    Tungsten Helmet
    Tungsten Pickaxe
    Tungsten Shortsword
    Unholy Arrow
    War Axe of the Night
    Weather Vane
    White Phaseblade
    Yellow Phaseblade