Blue, green, and yellow firework explosions in Minecraft.

How to Make and Use a Firework Star in Minecraft

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Key Takeaway

To make a Firework Star in Minecraft, you must merge one piece of Gunpowder and one Dye of any color.

Optionally, you can combine the aforementioned ingredients with others to change the look of your firework’s explosion.

Before you can enjoy the explosion you’ve designed, you must craft a Firework Rocket by combining your Firework Star, a piece of Paper, and some Gunpowder. Then all you need to do is launch your rocket and enjoy the view.

While Firework Rockets can be made and used without a Firework Star in Minecraft, they won’t create beautiful explosions. Since the use of Firework Stars is purely cosmetic—and temporary—the only reason to use them is to relax and enjoy a fun nighttime event.

Table Of Contents

    How to Craft a Firework Star in Minecraft

    There are many possible recipes for creating a Firework Star in Minecraft. This is due to their variety of optional effects. Let’s start from the most basic and work our way into more complex territory.

    Crafting a Basic Firework Star

    For the simplest possible Firework Star, all you need is one piece of Gunpowder and one Dye of any color. Arrange them in any way you want—this recipe’s shape doesn’t matter. The color of the explosion matches the color of the Dye you combined with the Gunpowder. As for the shape of the explosion: it’ll be a small sphere.

    Here’s the explosion created from a basic Firework Star made with Red Dye.

    A firework explosion in the shape of a red sphere in Minecraft.

    Crafting a Shaped Firework Star

    Besides the basic ball shape, you can insert one of a few different optional ingredients to give your Firework Star a more interesting look. Add one of these optional ingredients along with the Gunpowder and Dye of your choice in any recipe shape.

    Your Firework’s explosion can only have one shape; use one of the following shape-changers per Firework Star.

    Here’s every shape-changing ingredient and what shape they give you:

    • Fire Charge: Creates a big spherical explosion
    • Gold Nugget: Creates a star-shaped explosion
    • Head: Creates a Creeper-face explosion
    • Feather: Creates a geyser-shaped explosion

    This is what your explosion looks like if you create a Firework Star with a Gold Nugget and Yellow Dye.

    A firework explosion in the shape of a yellow star in Minecraft.

    Crafting a Firework Star With Special Effects

    On top of crafting a Firework Star with a cool shape, you can add some special effects to enhance the look of your explosions. Furthermore, the optional ingredients needed for these special effects can be used together to stack their functions.

    Here’s what you need for firework special effects:

    • Glowstone Dust: The explosion particles twinkle after the initial blast
    • Diamond: The explosion particles leave a trail for a few seconds as they fall
    • Glowstone Dust and Diamond: The explosion particles twinkle and leave a trail as they fall

    How to Use a Firework Star in Minecraft

    Before you can behold your beautiful blast, you must put your Firework Star into a Firework Rocket. You do so when crafting the Firework Rocket. The recipe for one consists of one piece of Paper and as many pieces of Gunpowder as you want (one minimum). Every piece of Gunpowder besides the first increases the flight duration of your rocket and has nothing to do with the explosion. Regardless, this recipe gives you three Firework Rockets.

    Now, to get your explosion, combine the Paper and Gunpowder with your Firework Star. Afterward, you’ll have a Firework Rocket loaded with a pre-made designer explosion. Use the rocket on any block, back up, look skyward, and marvel at your creation! You can certainly launch fireworks during the day, but you can appreciate the explosive details better at night.

    If you want a way to launch multiple Firerockets at once, try using Dispensers. When a Dispenser is powered (and pointing upwards), it can shoot rockets into the sky. Attach a row of rocket-filled Dispensers to a line of Redstone Dust connected to a Lever and you’ll have a quick and easy setup for your Firework display.

    It’s not always about automation and efficiency. Sometimes, you can have a better Minecraft experience by doing things solely to enjoy a short-lived yet lovely view. Sit back, pull up a refreshing potion, and savor the fleeting moments.

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