Left image is a farm of cactuses and on the right a furnace menu showing the player making green dye. There is a red arrow pointing from the left image to the right image.

How to Make Green Dye in Minecraft

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Green Dye is different from the other colors of dye in Minecraft in that it doesn’t have a crafting recipe. Instead, you need to cook a specific kind of block in a Furnace to make Green Dye.

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    What You Need to Make Green Dye

    A few 1-block-high cactuses planted next to each other on blocks of sand.

    You will need Cactus blocks to make Green Dye, however, it’s not like turning flowers into a dye. Cactus must be cooked in a Furnace, similar to how you would cook food. Every 1 Cactus block that you cook in a Furnace will give you 1 Green Dye.

    Where to Find Cactus

    Cactuses mostly spawn in Desert biomes, however, some can also be found in Badlands biomes. You will have better odds of finding Cactuses in a Desert biome, as they generate almost twice as often as they do in Badlands biomes.

    Furthermore, Potted Cactuses can be found in Igloos or Desert Village Houses as decorations. Since a Potted Cactus is just a regular Cactus in a pot, you can interact with it to get some Cactus blocks. After doing so, you can use each block to plant a new Cactus back at your base and start a farm.

    If you’re exploring a Desert Village, be sure to check the Chests in the houses as well, as they have a high chance of containing Cactus blocks.

    Lastly, you can also potentially buy Cactus blocks from Wandering Merchants for 3 Emeralds each. However, this is an expensive trade, so don’t bother with it unless you’re desperate for Cactus blocks.

    Where You Can Find Green Dye

    It’s also possible for you to find already-made Green Dye, particularly in Desert Villages. You can potentially get Green Dye from the Chests of houses in Desert Villages. Wandering Traders can also sell you Green Dye, though, thankfully, for much cheaper than raw Cactus blocks. A Wandering Trader can give you 3 Green Dye at the cost of 1 Emerald.

    What You Can Use Green Dye For

    Making green dye by cooking cactus in a furnace.

    If held in your hand, you can dye certain things directly by using Green Dye on them. This is a trait that is true for all dyes, which will make it easier for you to visually enhance your favorite companions and more.

    List of Things You Can Dye Directly

    • The collars of tamed Cats and Wolves
    • The Wool of Sheep
    • Placed blocks of Wool

    Green Dye as a Crafting Component

    There are other dyes you can make with Green Dye, such as Cyan Dye (Green Dye + Blue Dye) and Lime Dye (Green Dye + White Dye). This kind of dye can further be used in the same way as other dyes while crafting. There are many different decorative blocks that you can make in the color of a Cactus thanks to Green Dye. You can make green versions of the following items on a Crating Table by using Green Dye in the required recipes:

    Trading Green Dye With Villagers

    In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you have a 16.7% chance of encountering an Expert-level Shepherd Villager who will give you 1 Emerald in exchange for 12 Green Dye. However, in the Java Edition, there is a 28.6% chance that this same kind of Villager will have the same trade option.