How to Milk Cows in Stardew Valley

How to Milk Cows in Stardew Valley

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If you care for your cows and they reach maturity, they’ll produce milk. Milk is used in recipes, bundles, and can be sold for profit. Here’s how to milk your cows in Stardew Valley.

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    Manually Milk Your Cows

    Once you’ve built a barn on your farm, you can purchase a cow from Marnie for 1,500G. It takes five days for a cow to mature, after which it can produce milk. A baby cow can’t produce milk.

    When your cow can produce milk, you need to use a Milk Pail to milk it. A Milk Pail can be purchased from Marnie for 1,000G.

    Buy a Milk Pail from Marnie for 1000G.

    To milk your cow, walk up to it with your Milk Pail and press the Confirm button. Cows can only be milked once per day.

    Milk your cow with your hands and a milk pail in Stardew Valley.

    Each time you milk a cow, your will increase your friendship with that cow by five points.

    Automatically Milk Your Cows

    Once you own several cows (or any farm animals, for that matter), it becomes extremely time-consuming having to milk them all every morning. The good news is that after your farming level reaches10, Marnie will send you a letter in the mail telling you she now keeps the Auto-Grabber in stock—but since it’s a luxury item, it will set you back 25,000G.

    The Auto-Grabber costs 25000G at Marnie's shop.

    The Auto-Grabber harvests all goods produced by the animals in the barn or coop where it is placed. So if you place it in a barn that has cows, it will gather the milk from those cows each day. Note that you must place an Auto-Grabber in each individual barn or coop that houses animals. One Auto-Grabber won’t gather the products from animals in other buildings.

    Place the Auto-Grabber in your barn to automatically milk the cows.

    The Auto-Grabber acts like any other chest in Stardew Valley. To retrieve the milk (or other animal products) from the Auto-Grabber, walk up to it and press the confirm button. Afterwards, select each item you want to remove from the Auto-Grabber. The front of the Auto-Grabber will be white if it contains any items.

    Get the cow milk from the Auto-Grabber.

    This will significantly increase productivity, so it’s highly recommended you get an Auto-Grabber once it becomes available. The one downside to using an Auto-Grabber is that you won’t get the friendship points from the cows that you would normally get if you were to milk them by hand.