How to Build Coops in Stardew Valley.

How To Build Coops in Stardew Valley

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Coops are important farm buildings in Stardew Valley that can house many different types of farm animals such as chickens, rabbits, and even dinosaurs. Here’s a guide on how to build coops and upgrade them.

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    Basic Coop (No Upgrades)

    A basic coop in the farm.

    The first coop you’ll ever build will be a basic coop, as you can’t access any upgraded versions unless you’ve constructed the basic building.

    To build a basic coop, you’ll need:

    Visit Robin in her Carpenter’s Shop on any day between 9am to 5pm, unless it’s a Tuesday (in which she’s closed for the day) or a Friday (where she closes at 4pm). Go to the counter and click “Construct Farm Buildings” in the menu, and search for the coop.

    Requirements for the basic coop as seen in Robin's shop.

    Robin will begin construction the very next day once you’ve clicked on the “Construct” button and confirmed a location for your new coop.

    It takes a total of 3 days for your coop to be completed—however, do note that Robin will not work on festival days. Therefore, if there is a festival in between the construction period, your coop will be finished a day later. Time it wisely!

    Chickens in the basic coop.

    The only animals the Basic Coop can shelter are chickens, with a capacity of 4 inhabitants per coop. The coop features a feeding bench (where you place hay to feed your chickens) and a hay hopper, which allows you to access hay directly from any silos you’ve built.

    Big Coop

    Requirements for the big coop as seen in Robin's shop.

    Big Coops are upgrades of Basic Coops. You can’t build a Big Coop directly from scratch—you’ll need a basic coop to upgrade first.

    The materials and cost required for the Big Coop upgrade are:

    • 10,000 gold
    • 400 pieces of wood
    • 150 stones

    As with the Basic Coop, you’ll need to visit the Carpenter Shop to build this upgrade. Click on the “Big Coop” option under “Construct Farm Buildings” and select the coop you want to upgrade. In contrast to constructing a new building, upgrading only takes 2 days.

    Chickens and ducks can be reared in the big coop.

    The Big Coop comes with more features and a greater housing capacity. The animals the Big Coop can now house are:

    • Chickens
    • Void Chickens
    • Golden Chickens
    • Ducks
    • Dinosaurs

    The Big Coop can keep up to 8 animals and now features an incubator in addition to the features the Basic Coop has. The incubator is an extremely useful function: with it, you can hatch your own chickens and ducks and raise animals not sold by Marnie, such as dinosaurs and void chickens.

    Deluxe Coop

    Deluxe Coop upgrade requirements as seen in Robin's shop.

    The Deluxe Coop is the coop’s final upgrade. To obtain the Deluxe Coop, you’ll need a Big Coop to upgrade, as you can’t skip upgrades for farm buildings. The procedure for upgrading it remains the same as a Big Coop—just click on “Deluxe Coop” at the Carpenter’s Shop instead.

    You’ll need:

    • 20,000 gold
    • 500 pieces of wood
    • 200 stones

    The total costs and materials to upgrade a basic coop to a deluxe coop would be 34,000 gold, 1,200 pieces of wood, and 450 stones.

    A full capacity deluxe coop.

    The Deluxe Coop can now house a total of 12 animals. These animals are:

    • Chickens
    • Void Chickens
    • Golden Chickens
    • Ducks
    • Rabbits
    • Dinosaurs

    It should be noted that any animal that’s unlocked by the coop upgrades can be moved into any other non-upgraded coops on your farm.

    Along with all its previous features, the Deluxe Coop now boasts a new one: the Auto-feed System. As its name promises, the Auto-feed System automatically deposits hay into the feeding bench, saving you lots of time.

    Coops are valuable buildings in Stardew Valley, as they allow you to rear all kinds of interesting creatures that also serve as a source of income. Now that you know how to upgrade coops, you can earn a tidy profit—and keep all the dinosaurs you want to your heart’s desire.