How to Build Barns in Stardew Valley

How To Build Barns in Stardew Valley

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Barns are vital farm buildings in Stardew Valley that shelter some of the most lucrative animals in the game, such as pigs and goats. Here’s how you can build and upgrade the barns on your farm.

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    Basic Barn (No Upgrades)

    A basic barn in Stardew Valley.

    The process of building a barn is nearly identical to constructing a coop. You’ll first start out with the basic barn, which holds 4 animals total and can be upgraded.

    The costs and materials required to construct a basic barn are:

    • 6,000 gold
    • 350 pieces of wood
    • 150 pieces of stone
    • A clear 7×4 tile area

    To build a barn, visit Robin on any day (apart from Tuesdays) between 9 am to 5 pm. Note that she closes an hour early on Friday, so plan ahead!

    Requirements for a basic barn as seen in Robin's shop.

    Go to the counter and choose “Construct Farm Buildings” in the menu, and then select the barn. Once you’ve confirmed the location of your barn, Robin will begin working the very next day. If you’re unsure if the location you’ve chosen is the perfect place, don’t worry—you can always move your barn later.

    It takes a total of 3 days to build a barn—however, it’s important to note that Robin will not build anything on festival days. Therefore, your barn will take a total of 4 days to finish if there’s a festival day in between the construction period. Plan wisely!

    The basic barn can hold cows and ostriches.

    The Basic Barn comes with a hay hopper and a feeding bench—everything you’ll need to keep your animals happy and fed. You can house 2 types of animals in the barn, which are:

    Unlike coops, barns don’t come with an incubator. To hatch ostriches, you’ll need a special incubator given as a reward for completing a quest in Ginger Island.

    Big Barn

    Requirements for a big barn as seen in Robin's shop.

    Big Barns are upgraded from Basic Barns. You’ll need to have a basic barn on your farm first if you want a big barn, as they can’t be built on their own.

    To upgrade your barn, visit the Carpenter’s Shop when it’s open and choose the “Big Barn” option. You’ll need:

    • 12,000 gold
    • 450 pieces of wood
    • 200 stones

    Upgrading a barn only takes 2 days, and your new Big Barn comes with more features and a total housing capacity of 8 animals.

    Cows, ostriches, and goats can be reared in the big barn.

    The Big Barn now allows you to house a total of three animal types. They are:

    • Goats
    • Cows
    • Ostriches

    The Big Barn retains all the features of the Basic Barn and introduces a new one: animal pregnancy. If the conditions are met and there is still space in the Big Barn, there will be a 50% chance of an animal giving birth in the night.

    Deluxe Barn

    The Deluxe Barn is the final barn upgrade.

    The Deluxe Barn is the barn’s final upgrade. You’ll first need a Big Barn to upgrade, as well as these materials and gold:

    • 25,000 gold
    • 550 pieces of wood
    • 300 stones

    The total materials and cost to upgrade a basic barn to a deluxe barn are 43,000 gold, 1,350 pieces of wood, and 650 stones.

    The requirements for a Deluxe Barn upgrade.

    The process of obtaining the Deluxe Barn upgrade is the same as the Big Barn (just choose the Deluxe Barn upgrade instead) and takes a total of 2 days to upgrade.

    In addition to the older barn features, the Deluxe Barn now contains the Autofeed System, which automatically deposits hay straight from your silos into the feeding bench. Additionally, you can now keep a total of 12 animals in the Deluxe Barn.

    The Deluxe Barn can hold a diverse variety of animals.

    The Deluxe Barn lets you keep 2 more types of animals. The total animal types are:

    • Cows
    • Goats
    • Sheep
    • Pigs
    • Ostriches

    Pigs are an especially lucrative animal, as they help you find and harvest highly profitable Truffles on your farm. It’s common for many players to have multiple Deluxe Barns on their farm to maximize the profit that comes from rearing these useful animals.

    Fully-grown animals from the Deluxe Animal Buildings.

    Now that you know how to build and upgrade your barn from scratch, you can now plan out the types of animals you’d like to keep without worrying where you’re going to place them.