Taylordle and Swiftle.

How to Play Taylordle and Swiftle, the Taylor Swift Wordle Games

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Remember Wordle? That word game that gives you six tries to guess a five-letter word? Fans of Taylor Swift will be glad to know that there are two wordle-like games centered around the pop artist and her body of work.

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    Playing Taylordle

    Taylordle screen.

    Note: Taylordle is currently on hiatus and can’t be played from the original website. As of now, the usual address will instead redirect you to another website. In the meantime, you can play Taylordle from a third-party site called Wordle-Unlimited.

    Taylordle plays exactly the same as Wordle. In this word game, you are given six tries to guess a word that has to do with a Taylor Swift song. Unlike Wordle, though, Taylordle words can have four to eight letters.

    Taylordle also follows Wordle’s approach when it comes to giving you hints after you guess words. After you guess the word, the letter blocks light up, indicating hints as to what the word may be.

    • Green – The letter is in the word and in the correct position.
    • Yellow – The letter is in the word but in the wrong position.
    • Grey – The letter is not in the word.

    Just like Wordle, Taylordle only has one word per day.

    The words are mostly from the lyrics of any of her songs. They’re also mostly words that mean more in the context of the song. They can also be taken from the hidden messages Taylor leaves for her songs.

    For example, the word for August 24, 2022, is Romeo. This is a clear reference to the song Love Story. The word for August 29, 2022, is Maple. The word refers to the hidden message for the song, “All Too Well,” which is Maple Latte.

    Playing Swiftle


    Swiftle is a much more straightforward game.

    The game lets you listen to a Taylor Swift song, but only a few seconds of it. You’re then given six attempts to correctly guess the song.

    Whenever you input a wrong guess, you’re given the chance to listen to the song for a few seconds longer.

    Swiftle only has one puzzle per day. However, the game does allow you to do the puzzles from past days.