Various ending scenes from Nier Automata.

How to Unlock All Endings in Nier Automata

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Like the previous title in the series, Nier Automata features multiple endings that you can unlock in consecutive playthroughs, and it’s even more numerous this time. Here is every single ending in the game and how you can unlock them.

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    How Many Endings Are There in Nier Automata?

    Scene from Ending E in Nier Automata.

    There are a total of 26 endings in Nier Automata, one for each letter of the English alphabet. As immense as that sounds, only five of them are actually relevant to the overall story of the game. The other 21 are just mere joke endings placed by the developers to have fun with the players.

    How to Unlock All Endings in Nier Automata

    Here are all 26 Endings in the game and the things you need to do to trigger each of them.

    NOTE: Only endings A to E are relevant to the story and are unlocked by actually completing playthroughs. Endings F to Z are unlocked by doing specific things mid-game. Once these endings are triggered, you will be sent back to the title screen after a fast-forwarded credit roll. You can simply jump back into the game by loading a save file. With that in mind, whenever attempting to unlock endings F to Z, make sure you save beforehand.

    Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

    Nier Automata's Ending A.

    Complete the game for the first time.

    Ending B: or not to [B]e

    Nier Automata's Ending B.

    Continue playing using the Ending A save file, which will have you replay the game from the start, but from the perspective of 9S. Complete this route to unlock Ending B.

    Ending C: meaningless [C]ode

    Nier Automata's Ending C.

    Continue the game once again after completing Ending B. Once you reach the final battle, choose to play as A2.

    Ending D: child[D]hood’s end

    Nier Automata's Ending D.

    Similar route with Ending C. However, instead of playing as A2 in the final battle, play as 9S. There is a text story after the fight that will present you with a final choice at the end. Ending D will still be triggered regardless of which ending you choose.

    Ending E: the [E]nd of yorha

    Nier Automata's Ending E.

    While the credits are rolling after completing both ending C and D, POD 153 will ask you to perform a data check. Accept the POD’s wishes and choose the option “I wish for them to survive” when it comes up. This will trigger a minigame where you’re literally fighting against’s the game’s credits texts.

    This minigame can be immensely difficult. However, after dying a few times, the game will ask you if you wish for help. Be sure to accept this. However, this option is only possible if you’re playing online.

    Ending E will then be unlocked after successfully braving the intense minigame.

    Ending F: mission [F]ailed

    Nier Automata's Ending F.

    While playing as 9S and battling the Goliath machine Engels for the first time, don’t repair yourself by letting the time run out after hacking the boss.

    Ending G: hun[G]ry for knowledge

    Nier Automata's Ending G.

    At the beginning of route B, just walk to the crane and fail the mission to trigger this ending.

    Ending H: a mountain too [H]igh

    Nier Automata's Ending H.

    After receiving word of a Goliath machine attack while at Pascal’s village, run towards the Amusement Park instead of the City Ruins to trigger this ending.

    Ending I: no [I] in team

    Nier Automata's Ending I.

    After defeating Adam as 2B in the Copied City, run away from 9S instead of approaching him.

    Ending J: bad [J]udgment

    Nier Automata's Ending J.

    Upon entering the Abandoned Factory with Pascal during the Twisted Religion quest, kill one machine to trigger this ending.

    Ending K: aji wo [K]utta

    Nier Automata's Ending K.

    Eat the Mackerel given by Jackass to unlock Ending K.

    Ending L: [L]one wolf

    Nier Automata's Ending L.

    Run away from the Spherical Machine boss during the Threat Disposal quest.

    Ending M: break ti[M]e

    Nier Automata's Ending M.

    While playing as A2, when Pascal calls for help when the village is under attack, don’t go to Pascal’s Village and go somewhere else instead.

    Ending N: [N]o Man’s Village

    Nier Automata's Ending N.

    Kill every machine in Pascal’s Village.

    Ending O: just y[O]u and me

    Nier Automata's Ending O.

    Fail to rescue 2B from the other Androids during the Taking Control quest on route C.

    Ending P: corru[P]tion

    Nier Automata's Ending P.

    While playing as 2B during the Loss quest, allow the logic virus to take over.

    Ending Q: [Q]uestionable actions

    Nier Automata's Ending Q.

    While playing as 9S during the Loss quest, don’t go to 2B’s location to trigger this ending.

    Ending R: mave[R]ick

    Nier Automata's Ending R.

    After Pascal and the remaining uninfected machines retreat to the Factory in Chapter 14, destroy any of the machines around Pascal to trigger this ending.

    Ending S: city e[S]cape

    Nier Automata's Ending S.

    When Popola and Devola come to your aid as you hack the tower in route C, run away from the area.

    Ending T: fa[T]al error

    Nier Automata's Ending T.

    Remove the OS chip in the Plug-Ins menu.

    Ending U: deb[U]nked

    Nier Automata's Ending U.

    Self-destruct while you’re in the bunker.

    Ending V: reckless bra[V]ery

    Nier Automata's Ending V.

    Similar approach to Ending S. However, instead of running away, fight with Popola and Devola until their energy runs out.

    Ending W: broken [W]ings

    Nier Automata's Ending W.

    During the prologue playing as 2B, deplete your flight unit’s HP to zero to fail the mission.

    Ending X: time to rela[X]

    Nier Automata's Ending X.

    When controlling A2 for the first time in the commercial facility, run away from 2B instead of helping her.

    Ending Y: head[Y] battle

    Nier Automata's Ending Y.

    During the boss fight with Emil at the end of the Emil’s Determination side quest, allow him to self-destruct at the end.

    Ending Z: over[Z]ealous

    Nier Automata's Ending Z.

    When you meet Pascal for the first time outside the Resistance Camp while playing as A2, destroy him to unlock this ending.