The Completed Inscryption Clock Puzzle.

Inscryption: Clock Puzzle Solution

"Time indeed did seem to stand still in and all about the old house..."

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You start off Inscryption in a cabin, accompanied by a strange presence and some seemingly random items, including a cuckoo clock. The clock houses a few useful items, and one that’s necessary for your escape. To solve the clock puzzle, you’ll need to do a few other things first.

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    Get the Safe Code and Unlock the Safe

    Unlocking the safe is the first step toward solving the clock puzzle. The safe has three dials on it, each requiring you to turn them to a specific number to unlock the safe.

    To find the safe code, you’ll need to flip through the Rulebook. The rulebook becomes available after a few games, as the Stout will mention that a previous unfortunate soul wrote it down inside the book.

    Pick up the Rulebook to the left of where you play cards and go to the Mightly Leap page. To the right of this page, you’ll see the safe code written in red ink. The safe code is 2-7-3.

    The safe code written in red ink.

    Go to the safe and enter 2-7-3, starting from the top, and the safe will open. The safe contains a Key and a Stinkbug card. Grab the items and get ready for the next piece of the puzzle.

    Cabin Sliding Puzzle Solutions

    Take the Key and open the dresser that’s located in the back of the room. Inside the dresser is four drawers—each containing its own puzzle. At first glance, the puzzles may seem difficult with no clues as to what to do. the objective is to arrange the pieces so that a total of 5 damage is dealt. Each time you ring the bell, the total damage dealt will appear.

    Once five damage is dealt the drawer will open, presenting various cards and a carving. Here’s each solution:

    Sliding cabinet door solutions.

    Upon opening each drawer, you’ll get these rewards:

    • Top left: Skink card
    • Bottom left: Caged Wolf card
    • Top right: Queen Ant and Worker Ant cards
    • Bottom right: Squirrel Head carving

    The item of notable interest here is the Caged Wolf card. The Caged Wolf card costs 2 Blood to play, has 6 Health, and has 0 Attack. It’s a good defensive card, but the most pressing matter is freeing the wolf from its cage.

    How to Free the Caged Wolf

    With the Caged Wolf card in hand, head back to the playing board. Continue playing until you draw the Caged Wolf card. The goal here is to lose all 6 Health, so place it in front of a strong opponent until your Caged Wolf is defeated.

    Once defeated, the Caged Wolf card will turn into a Wolf card, and you’ll also hear a crashing sound in the cabin. Wrap up the game, and then go investigate the sound.

    How to Get the Knife

    Walk to the other side of the room and you’ll notice that the Wolf carving is no longer trapped. Grab the wolf carving and go to the table with the Squirrel carving and Knife. Place the Wolf carving on the table and the Squirrel carving will release its grip from the Special Dagger, allowing you to pick it up and place it in your inventory.

    Getting the Knife from the Squirrel carving.

    Special indeed, this Dagger has a rather gruesome purpose. you can use this Knife like other secondary items while playing cards. Time to head back to the playing board.

    Get the Magic Eye

    Start playing another round of cards. Play as you normally would but, this time, use the Knife. When used, the player will stab himself in the eye, removing it from his face, and placing it on the scales. This also counts as one point toward your score.

    At the end of the game, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a new eye from a selection presented to you in a case. Choose the eye that is glowing green.

    The Glowing Green Eye in Inscryption.

    Unfortunately, the greenish eye doesn’t always appear. In that case, choose a random eye and then repeat the process. You can use the Knife multiple times, so keep removing your eye until you finally get the eye.

    Once you insert the glowing eye, you’ll notice some glowing text on the briefcase when it shuts. The text reads Find Salvation in Cuckoo Clock.

    Glowing Green text reading Find Salvation in Cuckoo Cluck.

    Back away from the playing board and go to the Cuckoo Clock to solve the puzzle.

    Solve the Clock Puzzle

    With your new magical eye, you’ll now see the markings on the clock that show which hand of the clock goes where. The solution to the clock puzzle is 4:20:05. Note that you can’t open the clock by moving the hands to the correct positions without the eye.

    Move each hand of the clock to the appropriate location and the bottom compartment of the Cuckoo Clock containing the Camera Film will open. Grab the goods.

    The Clock Puzzle Solution in Inscryption.

    You’ve solved the Cuckoo Clock puzzle… mostly.

    Open the Clock’s Top Compartment

    There are two compartments to the Cuckoo Clock, and the previous route only helps you open the bottom compartment. To open the top compartment, move the hands to 11:00.

    The top compartment of the Cuckoo Clock in Inscryption.

    The top compartment contains a Ring. This item comes in handy towards the end of Act I.