Link standing outside Marin's house in Mabe Village.

Getting Started in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

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Whether you’re new to the Legend of Zelda franchise or are a veteran of the series, there are always some things you should do before you begin exploring. In Link’s Awakening, you should investigate the starting location thoroughly.

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    Interact With Everything

    Link looking at Marin in her house. There is an option to talk to her.

    Searching the insides of buildings and other locations will be vital in Link’s Awakening. As such, you should get into the habit of going up to interesting objects and interacting with them. However, in the beginning, there won’t be a whole lot you can do. Despite this, even in Marin’s house, which is the very first place that the game gives you control of Link, there are a few things to do.

    Trophy Spots

    In the bottom left of Marin’s house, you can see 2 pots. You won’t be able to pick them up and smash them yet, though. Near them, you’ll see a small brown circle on the ground. This is a spot for a Trophy, some of which you can find in-game through various methods.

    When you find a Trophy, you’ll have to find its proper spot to place it, as you can’t plop a Trophy down on just any Trophy spot. Additionally, there is another Trophy spot on the desk up against the back wall where the photo frames are.

    The Scenery

    You can go around and look at various things, like the wardrobe chest in the top-right, however, there is no loot to find in the surroundings. Although, you will get some unique dialogue lines from Tarin, who is sitting at the bottom right.

    Speak to Marin and Tarin

    Link holding up his classic blue, red, and yellow shield. The text at the bottom tells you how to use it.

    When you speak to Marin, she’ll tell you that you are on Koholint Island and that she found you washed up on the shore. She has no idea where you came from, so it’s up to you to figure things out!

    Though, before you leave Marin’s house, make sure to speak to Tarin. When you do, the mustached man will give you a Shield. This is technically your Shield as the game tells you that your name is inscribed upon it. Tarin was just nice enough to hold onto it for you and return it when you awoke. But with your trusty Shield now in hand, you’re ready to set forth on your adventure!