Step-By-Step Instructions to Get Monster in Little Alchemy 2.

Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Monster

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Key Takeaway

You need to buy the DLC in the app for $2.99 USD in order to get Monster; it’s a starting item in the new expansion.

Anyone who loves Little Alchemy 2 may be wondering how they can get some of the new elements for themselves. There are more than 100 new combinations to be had in Myths and Monsters, and this includes Monster.

Table Of Contents

    You Have to Purchase the Myths and Monsters Expansion

    Instructions to get Monster.

    To get the Monster element, you need to purchase the Myths and Monsters expansion in the app’s Store menu. This costs $2.99 USD and adds the starting elements Monster, Evil, Good, and Immortality, along with 110 new combos to find.

    Recipes That Require Monster in Little Alchemy 2

    Demon in Little Alchemy 2: Myths and Monsters.

    Monster is an ingredient in these recipes.

    Recipe NameIngredients
    Baba YagaMonster + Witch
    BansheeMonster + Faerie
    Monster + Sound
    BunyipMonster + Swamp
    Calydonian BoarMonster + Pig
    Monster + Wild Boar
    ChimeraMonster + Goat
    Monster + Mountain Goat
    CockatriceMonster + Chicken
    Monster + Egg
    CthulhuMonster + Galaxy
    Monster + Galaxy Cluster
    Monster + Solar System
    Monster + Space
    Monster + Universe
    DjinnMonster + Desert
    Monster + Dune
    Monster + Sandstorm
    DomovoiMonster + Domestication
    Monster + House
    GargoyleMonster + Castle
    Monster + Rock
    Monster + Statue
    Monster + Stone
    GashadokuroMonster + Bone
    Monster + Skeleton
    GiantMonster + Big
    GoblinMonster + Small
    GremlinMonster + Airplane
    Monster + Helicopter
    Monster + Pilot
    Monster + Seaplane
    GriffinMonster + Lion
    HydraMonster + Lake
    Monster + Snake
    JackalopeMonster + Rabbit
    KelpieMonster + Horse
    Monster + Seahorse
    KrakenMonster + Fish
    Monster + Ocean
    Monster + Sea
    Monster + Shark
    KrampusMonster + Santa
    MaraMonster + Darkness
    Monster + Night
    MimicMonster + Box
    Monster + Container
    Monster + Treasure
    MothmanMonster + Moth
    OniMonster + Demon
    OozeMonster + Batter
    Monster + Cookie Dough
    Monster + Dough
    Monster + Jam
    Monster + Liquid
    Monster + Mud
    OrcMonster + Elf
    Monster + Human
    SalamanderMonster + Fire
    Monster + Lava
    Monster + Lizard
    Monster + Volcano
    SandmanMonster + Sand
    SelkieMonster + Seal
    TenguMonster + Bird
    TrollMonster + Bridge
    Monster + Cave
    Monster + Mountain
    Monster + Mountain Range
    VodyanoyMonster + Frog
    Will-O’-The-WispMonster + Lamp
    Monster + Light
    Monster + Light Bulb
    WolpertingerMonster + Flying Squirrel
    Monster + Squirrel