Little Alchemy 2: How to Make Small

How to Get Small in Little Alchemy 2.

Key Takeaway

Little Alchemy 2’s Small element is made by mixing Philosophy with smaller items, like Bacteria, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Ant, and more.

Small is one of the hardest elements to figure out how to mix up in Little Alchemy 2. The quickest and easiest way to get this elusive element for yourself is to mix Bacteria with Philosophy. Here’s what you need to know.

Table Of Contents

    Ways to Create Small

    Small in Little Alchemy 2.

    There are tons of different ways to make Small in Little Alchemy 2, but most of these require a lot of steps to get to it. All of these recipes require Philosophy first.

    • Philosophy + Ant
    • Philosophy + Bacteria
    • Philosophy + Bee
    • Philosophy + Carbon Dioxide
    • Philosophy + Confetti
    • Philosophy + Oxygen
    • Philosophy + Ozone
    • Philosophy + Pebble
    • Philosophy + Rivulet
    • Philosophy + Scorpion
    • Philosophy + Seahorse
    • Philosophy + Spider

    Step-By-Step Instructions to Make Small

    Basic elements in Little Alchemy 2.

    To make Small, you must first make Philosophy. But to get Philosophy, there are several other steps you will need to take first. Start by making Life.

    • Earth and Earth make Land.
    • Land and Land form Continent.
    • Continent and Continent make Planet.
    • Water and Water make Puddle.
    • Puddle times two will form a Pond.
    • Pond and Pond makes a Lake.
    • Planet and Air will make Atmosphere.
    • Water and Atmosphere make a Cloud.
    • Fire and Fire form Energy.
    • Cloud and Energy make a Lightning.
    • Mix and Lake with Lightning to make Life.

    After that, focus on getting Egg.

    • Life and Land make both Animal and Soil.
    • Animal and Air make Bird.
    • Bird and Bird form an Egg.

    Bird can then be used to make a Chicken, then combine that Chicken with the Egg to get Philosophy.

    • Earth and Water make Mud.
    • Earth and Fire form Lava.
    • Lava and Air make Stone.
    • Mud and Stone make Clay.
    • Clay and Life make Human.
    • Animal together with Human makes Domestication.
    • Domestication and Bird will make a Chicken.
    • Mix Chicken and the Egg from above to make Philosophy.

    Lastly, mix up some Bacteria to make Small.

    • Life and Mud will mix together to make Bacteria.
    • Bacteria and Philosophy finally will combine to make Small.

    Recipes That Require Small in Little Alchemy 2

    Recipe NameIngredients
    AquariumSmall + Swimming Pool
    BacteriaSmall + Life
    Bonsai TreeSmall + Tree
    BoulderSmall + Hill
    GustSmall + Air
    HillSmall + Mountain
    HummingbirdSmall + Bird
    LakeSmall + Sea
    LandSmall + Continent
    Little AlchemySmall + Alchemist
    LizardSmall + Dinosaur
    MercurySmall + Planet
    PebbleSmall + Earth
    Small + Rock
    Small + Stone
    PlantSmall + Tree
    PondSmall + Lake
    PuddleSmall + Pond
    RivuletSmall + Stream
    RockSmall + Boulder
    SaturnSmall + Jupiter
    SeaSmall + Ocean
    StreamSmall + River
    WatchSmall + Clock