A bunch of characters from My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: Every Notable Character’s Age, Height, Birthday, and More

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My Hero Academia is set to premiere its sixth season sometime in 2022. In preparation, you’ll want to learn more information about all your favorite characters—including their affiliation, alias, age, height, birthday, and Quirks.

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    My Hero Academia Overview

    My Hero Academia started off as an anime about a boy named Izuku Midoriya, who dreamed of becoming a hero. But without a Quirk of his own, Izuku struggles from bullies and his own lack of confidence.

    Eventually, Izuku gains the One For All Quirk and is accepted into U.A. High School, a school that trains heroes. Izuku and the other heroes must fight against All For One, a villain set on stealing the One For All Quirk and extinguishing heroes.

    My Hero Academia Character Information

    The following tables include information for all the main characters from the My Hero Academia anime. The tables include affiliation, alias, age, height, birthday, and Quirk for each character.

    Spoiler Warning: From this point forward, the article will include spoilers for those who are not yet caught up on the anime.

    U.A. High School Students Class 1-A

    Izuku MidoriyaDeku165’4”, 166cmJuly 15Formerly Quirkless, One For All, Fa Jin, Danger Sense, Blackwhip, Smokescreen, Float, unknown Quirk
    Katsuki BakugoKacchan175’6”, 172cmApril 20Explosion, briefly One For All
    Ochaco UrarakaUravity 165’1”, 156cmDecember 27Zero Gravity
    Tenya IdaTurbo Hero: Ingenium 165’9”, 179cmAugust 22Engine
    Tsuyu AsuiRainy Season Hero: Froppy 164’9”, 150cmFebruary 12Frog
    Minoru MinetaFresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice 163’5”, 108cmOctober 8Pop Off
    Momo YaoyorozuEverything Hero: Creati 165’7”, 173cmSeptember 23Creation
    Fumikage TokoyamiJet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi 165’2”, 158cmOctober 30Dark Shadow
    Denki KaminariStun Gun Hero: Chargebolt 165’5”, 168cmJune 29Electrification
    Eijiro KirishimaSturdy Hero: Red Riot 165’6”, 170cmOctober 16Hardening
    Shoto Todoroki-165’8”, 176cmJanuary 11Half-Cold Half-Hot
    Mina AshidoPinky165’2”, 159cmJuly 30Acid
    Yuga AoyamaShining Hero: Can't Stop Twinkling 165’5”, 168cmMay 30Formerly Quirkless, Navel Laser,
    Kyoka JiroHearing Hero: Earphone Jack 165’0”, 154cmAugust 1Earphone Jack
    Mezo ShojiTentacle Hero: Tentacole 166’1”, 187cmFebruary 15Dupli-Arms
    Mashirao OjiroMartial Arts Hero: Tailman 165’5”, 169cmMay 28Tail
    Hanta SeroTaping Hero: Cellophane 165’8”, 177cmJuly 28Tape
    Toru HagakureStealth Hero: Invisible Girl 165’0”, 152cmJune 16Invisibility
    Koji KodaPetting Hero: Anima 166’1”, 186cmFebruary 1Anivoice
    Rikido SatoSweets Hero: Sugarman 166’1”, 185cmJune 19Sugar Rush

    Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

    Izuku Midoriya

    via Epic Dope

    Izuku, more than anything, has been a lover of heroes. He starts off as a very timid boy, largely because he was originally Quirkless and was often made fun of due to this.

    Izuku was quick to get very upset, stemming from his extreme lack of confidence. Over time, Izuku begins to gain confidence—in part because he is no longer Quirkless—though he undergoes a significant personality change due to the Paranormal Liberation War. Izuku works through his negative feelings though, and he is now more determined and driven than ever.

    Katsuki Bakugo (Kacchan)

    Katsuki Bakugo

    via Comic Book Resources

    Katsuki appears to be the exact opposite of Izuku in almost every way. Instead of being timid and easy to tears, Katsuki is extremely hot-tempered and aggressive. He has a history of problematic behavior and is openly hostile towards Izuku. However, as time goes by, we see Katsuki show remorse for this past behavior, and he begins to genuinely care for and respect Izuku.

    In general, Katsuki is one of the characters who shows the most growth in the series.

    Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity)

    Ochaco Uraraka

    via Fandom Wiki

    Ochaco has often been the comedic relief character. Unlike Izuku and Katsuki, Ochaco is happy-go-lucky and almost always maintains a positive attitude, though she can be serious if the situation calls for it. She is often unaware of how what she says comes across to other people.

    Ochaco is highly empathetic, sometimes even for villains, and she has clear feelings for Izuku.

    Tenya Ida (Turbo Hero: Ingenium)

    Tenya Ida

    via Manga Blog

    Tenya is the elite character of the bunch. He is noble, smart, and disciplined. Tenya falls into the classic trope of a character who is extremely book smart but doesn’t have as good of a grasp on interpersonal relationships. He also greatly looks up to this older brother.

    Tsuyu Asui (Rainy Season Hero: Froppy)

    Tsuyu Asui

    via OtakuKart

    Tsuyu is known to always speak exactly what is on her mind without filtering her thoughts. She is almost always calm and collected, even in highly stressful situations. She will sometimes creep out her friends by staring blankly off into the distance.

    Minoru Mineta (Fresh-Picked Hero: Grape Juice)

    Minoru Mineta

    via Pinterest

    Minoru is known as being the class pervert. Most of the girls and even some of the boys do not enjoy his presence, as they cannot stand his behavior. He is also known for pushing others’ buttons, even when he isn’t being perverted. Despite his distasteful behavior, he desperately wants to be popular and loved by everyone.

    Momo Yaoyorozu (Everything Hero: Creati)

    Momo Yaoyorozu

    via Comic Book Resources

    Momo demonstrates her desire to help her classmates improve through acting like a natural leader. She suffers a period of lost confidence but ends up regaining it and shows that she will never be one to give up. She also seems to show little concern over losing her clothes in battle.

    Fumikage Tokoyami (Jet-Black Hero: Tsukuyomi)

    Fumikage Tokoyami

    via Comic Book Resources

    Fumikage is one of the quieter members of the bunch. He is generally serious and reserved, and he will blatantly ignore comments or requests from others if the requests seem unimportant to him. Though he loves the darkness and considers himself a “creature of the dark,” Fumikage cares deeply for his friends and for being a hero.

    Denki Kaminari (Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt)

    Denki Kaminari

    via The Spooky Red Head Blog

    Contrasting Fumikage, Denki is quite social and energetic. He can sometimes even be reckless, and he is known to not shy away from flirting with girls. Because he wants to be cool, Denki is easily influenced by other people, and he is not particularly great academically. Unfortunately, he also becomes easily distraught in stressful situations.

    Eijiro Kirishima (Sturdy Hero: Red Riot)

    Eijiro Kirishima

    via Fandom Wiki

    Eijiro is a very outgoing character who is obsessed with the concept of manliness. He measures everything to the standard of “manly” or “unmanly,” and he is dramatically moved emotionally when people exhibit “manly” qualities, such as being noble and brave.

    Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki

    via Anime-Internet

    Because of his abusive upbringing, Shoto originally was cold and distant from everyone. But over time, Shoto has opened up much more. He sometimes suffers from awkward social interactions because he isn’t used to socializing with people.

    Shoto originally hated his fire abilities and refused to use them, though he has started to become more accepting of them, thanks to Izuku helping him work through his emotional turmoil.

    Mina Ashido (Pinky)

    Mina Ashido

    via Anime-Internet

    Mina is very cheerful and historically has almost always appeared to be smiling. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with other people, and she will get noticeably upset if she is blocked from doing so.

    Considering her poor academic performance, she is often viewed as an airhead, though she struggles with this internally. Mina has also always stood up to bullies, proving her worth as a hero.

    Yuga Aoyama (Shining Hero: Can’t Stop Twinkling)

    Yuga Aoyama

    via Twitter

    Yuga has had a tendency to see himself as superior to his classmates. He thrives on attention, despite getting ignored much of the time. Eventually, we find out that Yuga’s persona is really just a mask for his severe insecurities.

    He also struggles with the overwhelming guilt of working for villains and betraying his classmates. It’s clear though that Yuga is ultimately a victim with a good heart, despite the circumstances.

    Kyoka Jiro (Hearing Hero: Earphone Jack)

    Kyoka Jiro

    via Pinterest

    Kyoka is an unenthusiastic character who is prone to making snarky comments—especially towards Denki—and has a tendency to become aggressive. Though she can come off as cold much of the time, it’s clear she still has a soft spot for her friends and those she really cares about.

    Mezo Shoji (Tentacle Hero: Tentacole)

    Mezo Shoji

    via Comic Book Resources

    Mezo is the most friendly and gentle character. He is also selfless, empathetic, and understanding. It’s clear that Mezo always puts other people before himself and would be willing to sacrifice himself for others. Despite all his great qualities, he is still feared by many due to his appearance.

    Mashirao Ojiro (Martial Arts Hero: Tailman)

    Mashirao Ojiro

    via YouTube

    Mashirao is a very honest, hard worker. He does not prefer to be in the spotlight and has a very humble outlook on his accomplishments and abilities. He has been very self-conscious about others finding him boring and continues to struggle with this insecurity.

    Hanta Sero (Taping Hero: Cellophane)

    Hanta Sero

    via Pinterest

    Unlike Mashirao, Hanta thrives on being the center of attention, often trying to show off his abilities. He is extremely social and loves to make jokes. Suffering from defeat does not discourage Hanta, and he always retains his drive to push forward.

    Toru Hagakure (Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl)

    Toru Hagakure

    via DualShockers

    Toru is a bubbly character who enjoys collecting cute things. She causes discomfort and embarrassment to others by constantly taking off her clothes due to her invisibility quirk, though she doesn’t seem to understand that people can’t really see her. Toru is often used as comic relief.

    Koji Koda (Petting Hero: Anima)

    Koji Koda

    via MRandom News

    Koji is very quiet and shy, leading to him rarely speaking aloud to his classmates and relying instead on sign language. He is an animal lover who greatly dislikes any kind of violence. Despite his love for animals, Koji is deathly afraid of bugs and will dramatically scream and run away any time one is near.

    Rikido Sato (Sweets Hero: Sugarman)

    Rikido Sato

    via Pinterest

    Rikido is known for his passion for baking. The way he has always baked sweets for his classmates suggests that Rikido is a kind and caring character. He doesn’t think much of his abilities, but it’s clear his friends do.

    U.A. High School Teachers

    Toshinori YagiAll Might Unknown7’2”, 220cmJune 10Quirkless, formerly One For All
    Shota AizawaErasure Hero: Eraser Head 316’0”, 183cmNovember 8Erasure
    Hizashi YamadaVoice Hero: Present Mic 316’1”, 185cmJuly 7Voice

    Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

    Toshinori Yagi

    via Looper

    In hero form, All Might is everything you’d imagine a superhero to be. He is confident, strong, protective, and maintains that superhero flair. However, when All Might isn’t in superhero form, he is reserved and somber. All Might cares most about helping his students and pushing them to be the very best. He prioritizes others’ lives over his own.

    Shota Aizawa (Erasure Hero: Eraser Head)

    Shota Aizawa


    Shota is another seemingly cold and apathetic character. He is one of the strictest teachers at U.A. High School, and his expectations of his students are always notably high. Despite that his training and pushing of his students can seem borderline abusive, Shota clearly cares most about helping them be the very best they can be. He is also known to become enraged when someone he cares about is threatened.

    Hizashi Yamada (Present Mic)

    Hizashi Yamada

    via The Spooky Red Head Blog

    Hizashi is known for acting as a radio host, no matter who he is talking to or what the situation is. His voice is always excited and enthusiastic, mimicking that of an announcer. Though Hizashi is generally more animated, he is also known to express rage like Shota in particular situations that call for it.

    U.A. High School Staff

    Chiyo ShuzenjiYouthful Heroine: Recovery GirlUnknown3’8”, 115cmApril 4Heal

    Chiyo Shuzenji (Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl)

    Chiyo Shuzenji

    via Pinterest

    Chiyo is like the loving grandmother of the group. She is generally very compassionate and caring, though she has been known to scold and keep All Might in check when she doesn’t feel he is doing his job teaching Izuku properly. Despite her typically caring nature, Chiyo can be quite critical when she sees someone not living up to their potential.

    U.A. High School Department of Support

    Mei Hatsume-175’2”, 157cmApril 18Zoom

    Mei Hatsume

    Mei Hatsume

    via Destructoid

    Mei is shamelessly known for making people uncomfortable with her assertive personality. She loves gadgets and creating new inventions, which she shows off to anyone she can. Mei is never dissuaded by failure, though she is sometimes seen as absent-minded due to her intense focus on her creations over other people.

    U.A. High School Big Three

    Mirio TogataLemillion185’9”, 181cmJuly 15Permeation, temporarily Quirkless
    Nejire Hado-185’4”, 164cmOctober 6Wave Motion
    Tamaki AmajikiSuneater185’8”, 177cmMarch 4Manifest

    Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

    Mirio Togata

    via Screen Rant

    Because of how goofy Mirio is, most people question how he can possibly be one of U.A.’s top students. He is almost always smiling and maintaining a positive attitude, taking after All Might more than any other character. Even in the face of the tragedy of losing his quirk, Mirio still maintains his dream to become a great hero.

    Nejire Hado

    Nejire Hado

    via Anime-Internet

    Nejire is the most curious character of the bunch, often asking questions that other people may find off-putting. She loves sharing her knowledge with other people, though she sometimes comes off as an airhead due to her almost unshakable cheeriness. She made it into U.A.’s top three students due to her heart.

    Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater)

    Tamaki Amajiki

    via Wretched and Divine

    Tamaki is the most depressed, shyest, and introverted character out of everyone. He is consistently anxious and will often hide his face. In contrast with the large number of optimistic characters, Tamaki is quick to point out flaws and failures in himself and others and focus on those aspects over the good. Despite his complete lack of confidence in himself, his outstanding abilities earned him a spot in the school’s Big Three.

    U.A. High School Department of General Education

    Hitoshi Shinso-165’8”, 177cmJuly 1Brainwashing

    Hitoshi Shinso

    Hitoshi Shinso

    via Comicbook.com

    Hitoshi is a logical, sometimes manipulative character. He knows how to remain level-headed and get what he wants. Hitoshi is also used to being feared because of his brainwashing abilities, leaving him resentful towards people with more “noble” abilities that others do not fear. More than anything, he wants to prove that he can be a true hero.

    League of Villains

    All For One-100+UnknownUnknownAll For One, numerous stolen Quirks
    Tenko ShimuraTomura Shigaraki 215’7”, 175cmApril 4Decay, All For One, numerous stolen Quirks
    Kurogiri-UnknownUnknownUnknownWarp Gate

    All For One

    All For One

    via Comic Book Resources

    All For One is the main antagonist. He is a purely evil character without any redeeming qualities. All For One believes that justice and morality are the exact opposite of freedom, so he despises these qualities. He sometimes seems okay towards his protégé Tomura, but he ultimately sees Tomura as a tool to steal One For All.

    In addition to being evil, All for One claims zero responsibility for any of his actions, laying the blame instead on his followers. He is obsessively focused now on Izuku, and will stop at nothing to steal One For All from him.

    Tenko Shimura (Tomura Shigaraki)

    Tenko Shimura

    via IMDb

    Like All For One, Tomura has zero care or regard for anyone but himself. Tomura has been more childlike though—throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and completely unable to control his own emotions.

    As the series progresses, he gets more control over his emotions, though this doesn’t change his evil behavior. However, it’s made clear that Tomura is only the way he is because of his abusive father, as he originally started out wanting to be a hero just like Izuku.



    via Siliconera

    Unlike Tomura, Kurogiri is known for being a level-headed villain. He has a tendency to speak politely to whomever he encounters. Kurogiri was specifically programmed to take care of Tomura, so he is fiercely loyal to him. He originally started off as Oboro, and he seems to still maintain some of Oboro’s caring qualities.


    Chizome AkaguroHero Killer: Stain 31UnknownUnknownBloodcurdle

    Chizome Akaguro (Hero Killer: Stain)

    Chizome Akaguro

    via Fandom Wiki

    Stain sees most people as a false hero acting like one for the wrong reasons, except for All Might. Therefore, he is obsessed with killing all the “false heroes” from the world and has no problem mercilessly doing so. However, Stain is shockingly willing to show mercy to anyone he deems has “real hero” potential. He doesn’t like excess bloodshed and will avoid it if the person doesn’t fit into his category of “fake hero.” He will even go as far as to aid the true heroes when they need it.

    Vanguard Action Squad

    Toya TodorokiDabi245’8”, 176cmJanuary 18Cremation
    Himiko Toga-175’2”, 157cmAugust 7Transform
    Jin BubaigawaraTwice315’8”, 178cmMay 10Double
    Atsuhiro SakoMr. Compress 325’9”, 181cmOctober 8Compress

    Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga

    via Screen Rant

    Himiko is one of the sadistic characters, seemingly taking pleasure when killing people. She has no sense of healthy relationships and love, as she has been known to try to befriend people she is attempting to kill. Himiko looks up to Stain more than anyone, and she seems to show genuine care for Twice when he is in need of comfort.

    Toya Todoroki (Dabi)

    Toya Todoroki

    via OtakuKart

    Toya was indoctrinated as a child to believe his destiny was to surpass All Might, so that is the ideal he grew up obsessed with. He became so obsessed with this goal that he did not care about the damage his own Quirk would do to his body as he trained.

    As he grew up and renamed himself Dabi, he stopped showing any emotions at all and seems to want to work alone. He is generally merciless, though he has expressed sympathy towards those who have lost family due to villains.

    Jin Bubaigawara (Twice)

    Jin Bubaigawara

    via Animehunch

    Twice has been very energetic but also mentally unstable, often expressing directly contradicting sentences one after the other. Because he was unsure if he is a clone or not, he grew to be insane, never trusting if his thoughts were truly his, so he’d often argue amongst himself.

    Eventually, he realizes he is the original and works through these issues, though he still sometimes has relapses. He is driven more by his loyalty to his friends than a desire to kill the heroes.

    Atsuhiro Sako ( Compress)

    Atsuhiro Sako

    via Fandom Wiki

    Mr. Compress is known for showing off to both enemies and allies—often to a problematic point. Despite this, he is often the most logical character in the League of Villains. His motivations aren’t as apparently clear as some of the others, though he fights against what he believes to be a corrupt system and wealthy heroes.


    Kai ChisakiOverhaul285’9”, 179cmMarch 20Overhaul

    Kai Chisaki (Overhaul)

    Kai Chisaki

    via Anime-Internet

    Kai’s deepest desire was to return the world to how it was before Quirks became a thing, firmly believing that they are “plagues on humanity.” He looks down equally on heroes and villains, believing all the conflict stems from the existence of Quirks. He also desired the Yakuza to gain control over society once again.

    Though Kai may come off as polite, he is actually a sociopath beneath the surface. However, he now doesn’t seem to have much personality at all after he was imprisoned, and his boss was shown in a comatose state.


    Kota Izumi-63’5”, 107cmDecember 12Water Gun
    Eri-73’6”, 110cmDecember 21Rewind

    Kota Izumi

    Kota Izumi


    Kota was a happy-go-lucky boy until his parents died, and then he became much colder and more distant. He looked down upon heroes because he believed his parents abandoned him to work as heroes. He also hates the villains, and he believes heroes and villains are all basically having one big popularity contest.

    Kota has been slowly starting to open himself up to others and change his views.



    via ComicBook.com

    After accidentally making her father disappear with her quirk and thus getting disowned by her mother, Eri was very reserved and afraid. Kai manipulated Eri to believe her Quirk was nothing but harmful, so she consistently struggles with guilt. However, through the help of Izuku, Eri is finally starting to accept that her Quirk could be good, and that she has something to offer.