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Demon Slayer: Every Main Character’s Age, Height, and Birthday

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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba is a thrilling anime series based on the popular manga of the same name, which tells the story of an exciting cast of characters clashing in a dark fantasy version of Japan’s Taisho Era.

The Demon Slayer anime is produced by animation studio ufotable and began airing in 2019 to critical acclaim. It’s currently airing its second season, where the unfolding struggle against demonic forces is reaching its most dramatic arc.

Demon Slayer has reached meteoric popularity across the world due to its engaging setting, beautiful animation and wide variety of interesting characters. From the empathetic and kind protagonist Tanjiro to the arrogant Inosuke and beyond, every character in Demon Slayer is someone’s favorite.

There’s a lot to learn about the many characters of Demon Slayer’s world and it can be easy to forget some of the basic info, so we’ve compiled all of the key facts about every major Demon Slayer character into one handy resource.

Demon Slayer Character Statistics

NameBirthdayAge HeightWeightOccupation/Title
Tanjiro KamadoJuly 14th16165 cm / 5'5"134 lbs / 61 kgDemon Slayer
Nezuko KamadoDecember 28th14153 cm / 5'0"99 lbs / 45 kgDemon
Inosuke HashibiraApril 22nd15164cm / 5'5"139 lbs / 63 kgDemon Slayer
Zenitsu AgatsumaSeptember 3rd16164.5 cm / 5'5"128 lbs / 58 kgDemon Slayer
Genya ShinazugawaJanuary 7th16180 cm / 5'11"168 lbs / 76 kg Demon Slayer
Kanao TsuyuriMay 19th16156 cm / 5'2"101 lbs / 46 kgDemon Slayer/Tsuguko
Sanemi ShinazugawaNovember 29th21179 cm / 5'11"165 lbs / 75 kgWind Hashira
Shinjuro RengokuUnknownUnknownUnknownUnknownDemon Slayer
Former Flame Hashira
Kyojuro RengokuMay 10th20177 cm / 5'10"159 lbs / 72 kgFlame Hashira
Jigoro KuwajimaUnknown60+UnknownUnknownFormer Thunder Hashira
Sakonji UrokodakiUnknown60+UnknownUnknownFormer Water Hashira
Kanae KochoUnknown17UnknownUnknownFlower Hashira
Shinobu KochoFebruary 24th18151 cm / 5'0"82 lbs / 37 kg Insect Hashira
Muichiro TokitoAugust 8th14160 cm / 5'3"123 lbs / 56 kgMist Hashira
Tengen UzuiOctober 31st23198 cm / 6'6"209 lbs / 95 kgSound Hashira
Gyomei HimejimaAugust 23rd27220 cm / 7'3"287 lbs / 130 kgStone Hashira
Obanai IguroSeptember 15th21162 cm / 5'4"117 lbs / 53 kgSerpent Hashira
Mitsuri KanrojiJune 1st19167 cm / 5'6"123 lbs / 56 kgLove Hashira
Giyu TomoikaFebruary 8th21176 cm / 5'9"152 lbs / 69 kgWater Hashira
Muzan KibutsujiUnknown10,000+179 cm / 5'11"165 lbs / 75 kg Twelve Kizuki Leader/Demon

Demon Slayer Character Guide

If you can’t tell which character is which or just need a refresher, here’s a guide and summary of each character’s role in Demon Slayer. There are a lot of demon slayers, siblings, and relationships to get to grips with.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado, protagonist of Demon Slayer.

Age: 16
Height: 165 cm / 5’5″

Tanjiro is the protagonist of Demon Slayer, a kind and earnest boy who believes the best in others. After a series of tragic losses at the hands of demons and the transformation of his sister, Tanjiro becomes quietly focused on his goal of restoring Nezuko’s humanity. Resolving to join the Demon Slayer Corps and find a cure for Nezuko’s demonic nature, Tanjiro wields the techniques taught to him by the former Water Hashira in order to best his opponents.

Tanjiro is a responsible, level-headed type which often places him as the leader in many situations. He forms strong bonds with the people around him and often behaves as the moral compass. As the main character, Tanjiro has been given ample depth and development, growing to meet their newfound responsibilities.

Nezuko Kamado

Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro's demonic younger sister.

Age: 14
Height: 153 cm / 5’0″

Nezuko, Tanjiro’s mute demon sister, is the second most important character in Demon Slayer. She’s the motivation for Tanjiro to pursue joining the Demon Slayer Corps as a means to find a way to restore Nezuko’s humanity, setting in motion the events of the series. Despite having the appearance of an unassuming child, Nezuko is actually a feral demonic creature, albeit one that remains at least somewhat loyal to Tanjiro.

Nezuko is protective over those she views as being a part of her family. Outside of this small circle, Nezuko’s demonic nature makes them relatively hostile to all other lifeforms, even eschewing the standard kinship that demons seem to have for each other in the rest of the series. Nezuko’s level of self-control and understanding of her human family makes her a unique type of demon and an essential part of the series’ puzzle in terms of understanding how the demon threat might be ended in a more permanent way.

Inosuke Hashibira

Inosuke Hashibira, Demon Slayer's iconic boar boy.

Age: 15
Height: 164 cm / 5’5″

The beloved boar-boy of Demon Slayer, Inosuke Hashibira forms a vital part of the main group of characters the show focuses on. Raised alongside wild boars, Inosuke is a slightly obnoxious and short-tempered young boy who is always ready to fight. He wears a detailed boar mask and dual-wield katanas, which probably gives you an impression of his slightly chaotic nature. After clashing with Tanjiro initially, he quickly becomes a valuable ally and aids him in his quest.

Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agimatsu, the cowardly 'thunder breathing' demon slayer.

Age: 16
Height: 165 cm / 5’5″

Alongside Inosuke, Zenitsu Agatsuma forms another essential member of Tanjiro’s traveling party. His blonde hair and colorful orange clothing gives him a distinctively bright look which matches the aesthetics of his thunder breathing abilities.

Zenitsu is also a particularly cowardly guy. Considering the circumstances, it’s understandable, but his fears extend far beyond demons! Despite this, he is a particularly capable fighter, especially when he’s able to channel his thunder breathing alongside their swordsmanship for some truly shocking attacks.

Genya Shinazugawa

Genya Shinazugawa, the edgy younger brother of Wind Hashira.

Age: 16
Height: 180 cm / 5’11”

Genya Shinazugawa is easily identifiable thanks to his dark hair, facial scarring, and nefarious vibe. He first appears in the series as an edgy warrior who ‘works best alone’, but eventually learns to work with others. He’s the younger brother of Sanemi, the current Wind Hashari, which is a point of insecurity for him.

Genya is one of the few characters who are able to consume demon flesh to temporarily gain extra abilities without fully transforming.

Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri, the adopted member of the Kocho family.

Age: 16
Height: 156 cm / 5’2″

The reclusive Kanao Tsuyuri is known for her quiet and resilient nature in addition to her ‘flower breathing’ techniques. She’s the adoptive sister of Flower Kashira Kanae Kocho. Her combat prowess combined with her mastery of ‘flower breathing’ makes her a powerful member of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Sanemi Shinazugawa

Sanemi Shinazugawa, the fearsome Wind Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Age: 21
Height: 179 cm / 5’11”

The older brother of Genya, Sanemi Shinazugawa is the more extreme of the two siblings. As a child, Sanemi took drastic measures to protect the two by killing their mother. Sanemi’s coldhearted and aggressive nature as the Wind Hashira has strained the relationship with his sibling.

Shinjuro Rengoku

Shinjuro Rengoku, the former Flame Hashira.

Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

Shinjuro is one of several Rengoku family characters who appear in Demon Slayer, bearing a strong resemblance to his two sons. As a former Flame Hashira and member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Shinjuro is almost as intimidating as his fire-inspired aesthetics and ‘fire breathing’ powers would suggest.

Kyojuro Rengoku

Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira of legend.

Age: 20
Height: 177 cm / 5’10”

Kyojuro is the most outspoken of the Rengoku family and the successor to the Flame Hashira title. He’s very proud of his role as Flame Hashira and acts as an inspirational figure for his younger brother, Senjuro.

Senjuro Rengoku

Senjuro Rengoku, the younger brother of Kyojuro Rengoku.

Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown

The slightly more timid and inexperienced of the Rengoku brothers, Senjuro comes across as quite different to both their older brother and their father, despite having a similar ‘fiery’ appearance. He admires his older brother and aspires to achieve as much as he has.

Jigoro Kuwajima

Jigoro is a former Thunder Hashira and a mentor figure to Zenitsu.

Age: 60+
Height: Unknown

Jigoro is an elderly mentor figure and former Thunder Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps. He tutored Zenitsu in his early training. Little is known about Jigoro’s early life. He’s remained committed to the cause of the Corps far into his old age, despite suffering multiple personal tragedies.

Sakonji Urokodaki

Sakonji, the oni-masked former Water Hashira and mentor of Tanjiro.

Age: 60+
Height: Unknown

The master of ‘water breathing’, Sakonji has had a profound influence on a lot of the characters in Demon Slayer. As the most talented water breather in the cast (and the former holder of the Water Hashira title), he’s taught other characters like Tanjiro a small portion of their powers. He’s almost always wearing a red oni mask which gives him a mysterious presence.

Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho, the head of the kocho family.

Age: 17
Height: Unknown

Kanae is the adoptive sister of Kanao Tsuyuri and biological sister of Shinobu Kocho. She’s the former holder of the title of Flower Hashira title for the Demon Slayer Corps. Kanae has a ‘butterfly’ theming to her look which matches her gentle demeanor. She’s also extremely talented in ‘flower breathing’ and dream of being able to one day live in peace with demons.

Shinobu Kocho

Shonbu Kocho, the Insect Hashira.

Age: 18
Height: 151 cm / 5’0″

Shinobu Kocho is another member of the Kocho family, serving as the Insect Hashira in Demon Slayer Corps. To begin with, she masks a strange bitterness with false optimism, but eventually starts to warm to others. She harbors an intense grudge against demons due to childhood trauma.

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro, the Mist Hashira.

Age: 14
Height: 160 cm / 5’3″

Muichiro is a coldly rational member of the Demon Slayer Corps, with the title of the Mist Hashira. Although he doesn’t always seem invested in everything going on around them, there’s a noticeable shift in his energy when he engages in battle against demons and engages his mist-based abilities, highlighting his commitment to his Hashira title.

Tengen Uzui

Tengen, the Sound Hashira.

Age: 23
Height: 198 cm / 6’6″

Tengen Uzui is an eccentric and talented member of the Demon Slayer Corps, holding the title of the Sound Hashira. His unique sound-based abilities of ‘sound breathing’ and echolocation make him a reactive and formidable opponent, and his stylish fashion sense and enthusiastic presence make him a valuable ally.

Gyomei Himejima

Gyomei Himejima, the gentle giant of the Demon Slayer Corps.

Age: 27
Height: 220 cm / 7’3″

Gyomei Himejima is a strong and muscular member of the Demon Slayer Corps and the rightful holder of the Stone Hashira title. His physique and stone breathing techniques make him a fierce combatant. By contrast, his personality is a lot more gentle and sensitive.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai, the Serpent Hashira.

Age: 21
Height: 162 cm / 5’4″

Obanai is a no-nonsense member of the Demon Slayer Corps who relishes his position as the Serpent Hashira. Although he can come across as quite callous with high expectations for other members of the Corps, he’s shown to have an affection for a few specific characters around whom he is able to let his guard down.

Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuru Kanroji, the Love Hashira.

Age: 19
Height: 167 cm / 5’6″

Mitsuri Kanroji is the cutesy emotional center of the Demon Slayer Corps, acting as the Love Hashira. Her unique ability of ‘love breathing’ allows her to unleash devastating ranged attacks using her whip-sword, which gives her the upper hand in a wide range of encounters.

Giyu Tomioka

Giyu, the Water Hashira.

Age: 21
Height: 176 cm / 5’9″

Giyu Tomioka is one of the first Hashira that Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter. He continues to influence the story far beyond his initial appearance, acting as a foil to Tanjiro. An aloof and calculated individual, Giyu’s always looking to improve himself and be the best of the best. As the Water Hashira, he has similar abilities to Tanjiro.

Muzan Kibutsuji

Muzan Kibutsuji, the demonic leader of the mysterious Twelve Kizuki.

Age: 10,000+
Height: 179 cm / 5’11”

The leader of the mysterious Twelve Kizuki and certified ancient demon, Muzan is the villain for the show’s first arc. Although he takes on the appearance of a young man, Muzan is over 10,000 years old and has been advancing his machinations in the shadows of Japanese society for a long time.