The Crossword Puzzle book at Leblanc in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: Complete Crossword Puzzle Guide

These quick puzzles can make you a little smarter.

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Persona 5 Royal is packed with minigames. While these are entirely optional, taking the time to participate can earn you everything from unique items to social stat boosts. Occasionally, you’ll find a crossword puzzle to solve at Leblanc, and doing so can provide you with useful Knowledge points.

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    About Crossword Puzzles in Persona 5 Royal

    On certain nights, you’ll find a crossword puzzle book sitting on the far left booth inside Cafe Leblanc. Interacting with the book will prompt you to solve a single clue. Once you’ve figured out the answer, select from the bank of letters to fill in the squares highlighted in blue.

    A crossword puzzle from Persona 5 Royal.

    In Persona 5, solving a crossword puzzle caused time to pass. In Persona 5 Royal, doing a puzzle does not cause time to pass, so don’t worry about wasting your night.

    Additionally, Persona 5 only contained a total of 21 puzzles, while Persona 5 Royal contains a whopping 38.

    Note that while you can also choose to solve the additional clues, filling in the white spaces will not grant you any benefits.

    Reasons to do Crossword Puzzles

    Solving a crossword puzzle will grant you a single Knowledge point in Persona 5 Royal. While this is a slight downgrade from the two points given in Persona 5, it’s a quick and easy way to increase this important social stat.

    Increasing your Knowledge stat is vital. Having your Knowledge at a high enough rank will allow you to do well on your school exams and progress your relationships with Makoto Niijima, Goro Akechi, and Hifumi Togo.

    Completing 15 of the available crossword puzzles will also grant you the Word Wizard award in the Thieves Den.

    All Crossword Puzzle Clues and Answers

    Date AvailableClueAnswer
    4/18How school years are dividedSemester
    4/27Hanami: cherry (?) viewingBlossom
    5/2Time for a trip: (?) WeekGolden
    5/10What are the May Blues?Malaise
    5/18Where art is shown off and soldGallery
    5/26A type of outdoor allergyPollenosis
    5/31Nihonga: (?) cultural artworkJapanese
    6/3Label for an unparalleled artistMaster
    6/7Held to inform the publicConference
    6/16Changes with the seasonWardrobe
    6/22Exchanged all over the worldCurrency
    6/30A border between air massesFront
    7/7Medicine of varying legalityNarcotics
    7/12Many student's greatest loveVacation
    7/19These gauge student knowledgeFinals
    7/27A seasonal skybound eventFireworks
    8/3A stationary hotspot: heat (?)Island
    8/8Necessary for daresCourage
    8/17A common skin injurySunburn
    8/25When it's too hot to sleepSweltering
    8/30Techy term for e-infiltrationHacking
    9/2Localized destructive stormTyphoon
    9/19Tsukimi: lunar viewing (?)Festival
    9/28Establishing order or worthRanking
    10/6Absorbs the most lightBlack
    10/10Co-opted Celtic holidayHalloween
    10/31Lined up at school festivalsStalls
    11/4Tipster hotlines offer thisReward
    11/14Laying into someoneBashing
    11/28Draws people to youCharisma
    12/2A.K.A. sweating sicknessInfluenza
    12/7What lights do for store signageIlluminate
    12/12Politicians thrive on this ratingApproval
    12/19Joyful holiday with an intruderChristmas
    1/14A type of wish: New Year's (?)Resolution
    1/19Ancient god of theaterDionysus
    1/23Ancient god of fateLachesis
    1/27Ancient legendary dragonOrochi