The desk decorations you can snag in Persona 5 Royal.

Persona 5 Royal: How to Get All Room Decorations

Joker's room might start out drab, but you can find plenty of items to spice it up by hanging with your pals.

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Spending time with your friends in Persona 5 Royal is the key to becoming more powerful, but it can also reward you in other ways. The bland bedroom you start off with doesn’t need to stay that way! Throughout the game, you’ll have ample opportunities to snag some colorful decorations.

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    About Room Decorations

    In Persona 5 Royal, you’ll have some opportunities throughout the game to spend quality time with each of your confidants. Doing so can sometimes lead to being gifted a unique room decoration if specific requirements are met.

    Prior to decorating, your room will need to be cleaned. Most decoration items are obtained by inviting specific friends to spend time with you at specific locations.

    Decorated room in Persona 5 Royal.

    At the beginning of the game, you’ll notice that your new bedroom has a completely empty set of shelves, a dusty desk, and an ample amount of floor and wall space. You’ll be able to snag plenty of goodies to bring some much-needed color to your space, but only if you spend time building relationships with your friends.

    All gifts available in vanilla Persona 5 are available in Persona 5 Royal. Two new gifts have been added in the enhanced title: the Featherman Dolls from Ryuji and the Sea Slug Doll from the Royal-exclusive confidant Kasumi Yoshizawa. This brings the total number of available gifts to 28.

    Unless specified, gifts are not linked to a specific confidant rank. If your friend mentions wanting to go somewhere when you speak to them, you will be able to obtain the gift as long as you have the applicable location unlocked.

    Floor Decorations

    While all of these gifts are worth adding to your collection, you can only display one in your room at a time.

    DecorationLocationConfidant RequiredAdditional Requirements
    Choco FountainShibuyaAnn TakamakiN/A
    Nude StatueUenoYusuke KitagawaN/A
    Gi-Nyant DollSuidobashiMakoto NiijimaNot possible on rainy days.
    BalloonsTokyo DestinylandShinya OdaOnly available after second date on 10/10, 10/30 or 11/3. Must be Rank 6 or Rank 9.
    Shumai CushionChinatownMakoto NiijimaNot possible on rainy days. Only available on Sundays, holidays, and during Summer vacation.
    Skytree LampAsakusaChihaya MifuneN/A

    Shelf Decorations

    The three empty shelves awaiting you in your bedroom can fit all nine obtainable shelf decorations. You aren’t able to choose their placement, however.

    DecorationLocationConfidant RequiredAdditional Requirements
    Sushi MugGinzaIchiko OhyaN/A
    Ramen BowlOgikuboRyuji SakamotoN/A
    Hero FigureAkihabaraFutaba SakuraN/A
    Swan BoatInokashira ParkMunehisa IwaiNot possible on rainy days. Available after reaching Rank 8 with Iwai.
    King PieceJinbochoHifumi TogoNot possible on rainy days. Only obtainable on the second date.
    Featherman DollNakanoRyuji SakamotoNot possible on rainy days.
    KumadeAsakusaHaru OkumuraMust go on a date with Haru on 11/6.
    Giant SpatulaTsukishimaHaru OkumuraN/A
    Sea Slug DollShinagawa AquariumKasumi YoshizawaOnly obtainable before 12/22.

    Wall Decorations

    All wall decorations can be placed in your room at once. Note that the Star Stickers will appear on your ceiling.

    DecorationLocationConfidant RequiredAdditional Requirements
    Star StickersIkebukuroYusuke KitagawaN/A
    HamayaMeiji ShrineYusuke KitagawaNot possible on rainy days.
    Idol PosterHarajukuAnn TakamakiNot possible on rainy days.
    Night PennantSeaside ParkSadayo KawakamiMust be in a romantic relationship.

    Desk Decorations

    Desk decorations in Persona 5 Royal.

    The majority of desk decorations can be found at the Akihabara Arcade. They cannot simply be purchased, however–you must win them in a crane game. Playing the game will set you back ¥300 per attempt.

    While winning the crane game is largely based on luck, you can boost your odds by playing on any date that ends in a 7. Having a Persona with a high Luck stat can also skew the odds in your favor.

    DecorationLocationConfidant RequiredAdditional Requirements
    I LOVE TOKYO ShirtAsakusaFutaba SakuraNot possible on rainy days.
    Jack Frost DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneAvailable starting September 1.
    Burger-kun DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Jack Frost Doll. Available starting September 22.
    Wanna-kun DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Burger-kun Doll. Available starting October 14.
    Lexy DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Wanna-kun Doll. Available starting November 3.
    Sheep Man DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Lexy Doll. Available starting November 25.
    Black Frost DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Sheep Man Doll. Available starting December 15.
    Buchimaru DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Black Frost Doll. Available starting January 13.
    Jagao DollAkihabara ArcadeNoneMust already have Buchimaru Doll. Available starting January 23.