A Ouija Board on a table in the horror game Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia: How to Use a Ouija Board

It's (probably) the closest you'll ever get to the talking-with-spirits experience.

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Key Takeaway

In Phasmophobia, you have a 1 in 7 chance to find a Ouija Board. This cursed item can be used to talk to spirits by using speech recognition. Activate the board by left-clicking if you aren’t holding the board, or by right-clicking if you are holding it. Then, ask the spirit a question. The board will respond if the question is accepted and understood, though each question costs a specific amount of sanity. When you are finished with the Ouija Board, say “Goodbye.”

The co-op horror title Phasmophobia allows players to communicate with ghosts using speech recognition. The Ouija Board in Phasmophobia is one way to communicate with the dead, but using this cursed item can be dangerous as it takes a toll on your sanity. It can even automatically trigger a hunt.

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    What Is a Ouija Board?

    A Ouija Board is a cursed item used to communicate with ghosts at the cost of your sanity. It can be used to ask ghosts specific questions through speech recognition.

    Approaching a Ouija Board with a candle in Phasmophobia.

    If your question is recognized, the spirit responds by moving the planchette across the board, spelling out its response.

    Taking a good photo of the Ouija Board using your Photo Camera rewards you with 5XP and $5.

    The Ouija Board cannot be purchased. Instead, you’ll have a 1 in 7 chance of stumbling upon one during your contracts.

    How to Activate and Deactivate a Ouija Board

    Upon discovering a Ouija Board, you can pick it up with an empty hand. If you swap to another item, it falls out of your inventory.

    You can activate the Ouija Board by left-clicking on it if you aren’t holding it. If you are holding it, right-click to activate it. You’ll know the activation was successful if the planchette drops onto the board.

    When you’re finished chatting with spirits, any nearby player can deactivate the Ouija Board by saying “Goodbye” aloud. The board can also be deactivated automatically by leaving the investigation area while holding it.

    How to Use a Ouija Board

    Once the Ouija Board is activated, you can ask the spirit a question by speaking into your microphone. The board will trigger if the question is valid. If there is no response, your question is not valid.

    There is a 67% chance that the ghost will respond to your question and a 33% chance that you’ll simply make them angry.

    You’ll want to wait a few seconds after asking a question before asking again to give the ghost time to respond. Being impatient and asking again right away can seriously harm your sanity!

    A Ouija Board on a table in the horror game Phasmophobia.
    The Ouija Board will break if there is no player within five meters of an active board or if the player asking questions does not have enough sanity. It also breaks if the player saying “Goodbye” has no sanity left or if the phrase “hide and seek” is said. If it breaks, a cursed hunt starts if any player is inside the building.

    Below, we’ve included a list of the questions you can ask, along with how much damage your sanity will take with each inquiry.

    Question CategoryPossible QuestionsSanity Drain
    Location•"Where are you?"
    •"What is your favorite room?"
    •"Where is your room?"
    •"What is your room?"
    Location (Non-specific)•"Are you close?"
    •"Are you here?"
    Shyness•"Do you respond to everyone?"20%
    Age•"How old are you?"
    •"What is your age?"
    •"Are you old?"
    •"Are you young?"
    Room Count•"How many are in this room?"
    •"How many people are in this room?"
    •"How many people are here?"
    •"How many ghosts are in this room?"
    •"How many ghosts are here?"
    •"Are you alone?"
    •"Are we alone?"
    •"Who is here?"
    •"Who is in this room?"
    •"How many ghosts are present?"
    •"How many people are present?"
    Bone Location•"Where is the bone?"
    •"Where did you die?"
    •"Where is your body?"
    Death•"How long have you been dead?"
    •"How many years ago did you die?"
    •"How long have you been here?"
    •"How long ago did you die?"
    •"When did you die?"
    Sanity•"How crazy am I?"
    •"How insane am I?"
    •"What is my sanity?"
    •"Am I insane?"
    Feeling•"How do you feel?"
    •"Are you okay?"
    •"How are you?"
    Method of Death•"How did you die?"5%
    •"Knock Knock"
    Purpose•"What do you want?"
    •"Why are you here?"

    Using the Ouija Board can also help you reach certain objectives. For example, one objective asks players to have an average sanity below 25%, while another requires a photo of the ghost. Putting your Photo Camera on a Tripod can make this easier. Using a cursed item results in reaching these goals quickly—that is if you can overcome your fear.