Using Smudge Sticks in a pitch black room in Phasmophobia to stop a ghost from attacking.

Phasmophobia: How to Use Smudge Sticks

Burning this item won't exorcise your spooky buddy, but it will give them pause.

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Key Takeaway

To use Smudge Sticks, make sure that you have a Lighter in your inventory. Hold the Smudge Sticks and right-click or press the F key to ignite them. This temporarily stops spirits from hunting you. If you burn Smudge Sticks during a hunt and are within six meters of the spirit, they will be blinded.

As you investigate haunted locations in Phasmophobia, restless spirits may appear to cause you harm. Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia are a purchasable item that can help you to survive by preventing ghosts from attacking for an amount of time. They’re also used in many objectives throughout the game.

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    What Are Smudge Sticks?

    Smudge Sticks are an item that stops ghosts from hunting for a certain amount of time when burned. You can buy them for $15 in the shop.

    Holding Smudge Sticks in a brightly-lit room in Phasmophobia.

    Using Smudge Sticks on a Yurei will prevent it from moving completely while using it on a Spirit simply prevents it from attacking.

    Burning Smudge Sticks is a great way to give your heart a break after a prolonged spook session. It’s also helpful when you’re trying to complete certain objectives to earn extra money to spend in the shop. It’s tough to focus on a task when an angry ghost can appear at any moment!

    How to Use Smudge Sticks

    To use Smudge Sticks in Phasmophobia, you’ll also need a Lighter in your inventory. These cost $10 each in the shop.

    Once you have both, hold the Smudge Sticks and right-click or press the F key to ignite them. Once lit, the item smokes for six seconds. During this time, the item makes six attempts to successfully apply its effects, and there is no way to immediately tell whether it was effective or not—so stay sharp!

    Lighting Smudge Sticks to keep ghosts from attacking in a dark room in Phasmophobia.

    If you’re cleansing a house, burning Smudge Sticks can stop a ghost from initiating a hunt for a short time. Demons are affected for only 60 seconds. Spirits are affected for 180 seconds, and all other ghosts for 90 seconds.

    When used against a Yurei, it also returns to its favorite room for 60 seconds.

    During a hunt, use Smudge Sticks to “blind” a ghost. When burning the item, the ghost should be within six meters of any player. If successfully applied, the ghost will be unable to detect or kill players and wanders in random directions for six seconds. If your target is a Moroi, the effects last for 12 seconds.

    After those six seconds pass, however, the spirits go back to hunting you, so be sure to steer clear!

    While Smudge Sticks are great for avoiding supernatural threats, there are times when you’ll need to do the opposite. If you’re brave enough, try using a Ouija Board to complete some optional objectives. Nothing ventured nothing gained…just try not to go insane!