A wild Gligar appearing in a sunlit cavern.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to Get Gligar

You'll need to dig deep in Brilliant Diamond to find this Ground and Flying-type Pokémon!

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Key Takeaway

Out of the Generation IV remakes, Gligar can only be directly caught in Brilliant Diamond. If you own Shining Pearl and want a Gligar, you’ll have to trade with someone. Also, in Brilliant Diamond, Gligar can only be found in the Grand Underground. It can spawn in the following types of underground rooms: Rocky Cave, Swampy Cave, Big Bluff Cavern, Sunlit Cavern, and Bogsunk Cavern.

Unlike in the original Generation IV games, you’ll have a hard time finding Gligar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Gligar only appears in one of the remake versions, and it’s also no longer found on normal routes.

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    Where to Find Gligar

    Player in a sunlit cavern room of the Grand Underground. There are rocks, trees, and grass everywhere. There is also a Gligar near to the player.

    First of all, through normal catching methods, you can only get Gligar in Brilliant Diamond. It does not spawn anywhere in Shining Pearl. As such, if you only own Shining Pearl and want one, you’ll have to trade with someone.

    Where Gligar Spawns in Brilliant Diamond

    You can only find wild Gligar in the Grand Underground. Specifically, in the following types of rooms:

    • Rocky Cave (underground map icon is a small square full of yellowish-brown sand)
    • Swampy Cave (underground map icon is a small square full of dark green water)
    • Sunlit Cavern (underground map icon is a large square full of light green grass)
    • Big Bluff Cavern (underground map icon is a large square full of yellowish-brown sand)
    • Bogsunk Cavern (underground map icon is a large square full of dark green water)

    How to Force Spawns in Underground Rooms

    You can reset the spawns in all caves and caverns by leaving and re-entering them. When you find the type you want, enter and exit it repeatedly until you find the Pokémon that you’re after.

    How to Evolve Gligar in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

    Gligar on the right with a description of them on the left.

    While tricky to obtain in BDSP, evolving this flying scorpion may also cause a bit of confusion. That’s because you need to do a couple of specific things to trigger its evolution.

    To evolve Gligar into Gliscor, you need to level it up at night while it is holding a Razor Fang. And it’s important to specifically give it a Razor Fang—not a Razor Claw. Making it hold a Razor Claw won’t let it evolve.

    Keep in mind that the Razor Fang will get consumed once your Pokémon evolves with it. Also, the only way to get Razor Fangs in BDSP is to buy them from the service counter at Battle Park. Each one will cost 5 BP (Battle Points).