Uxie speaking to the player and giving them Uxie's Claw.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Uxie’s Eyes Puzzle Answer

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Key Takeaway

The answer to Uxie’s puzzle is 60131. Each digit of this number represents how many eyes each of the Pokémon listed in Uxie’s question has.

In a relatively unique challenge within Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you’ll need to solve a puzzle to get a special item. Since this item is needed for a main mission, you have to find Uxie’s eyes puzzle solution to progress.

Table Of Contents

    How to Find the Solution to Uxie’s Eyes Puzzle

    Uxie is listing the name of five Pokémon who each have a different number of eyes. The Pokémon listed are: Combee, Zubat, Unown, Magneton, and Dusclops in that order. The player must then find Uxie's eyes puzzle solution to progress.

    After you enter Acuity Cave in the Alabaster Icelands, you’ll have to battle a level 58 alpha Hisuian-Zoroark. Although, this isn’t the extent of the trial.

    Following the battle, Uxie will appear and will ask you to solve a riddle. This is appropriate behavior for Uxie, who is known as the “Bringer of Knowledge,” and offers a novel gameplay challenge for the player.

    Uxie will list the names of five Pokémon in this order:

    1. Combee
    2. Zubat
    3. Unown
    4. Magneton
    5. Dusclops

    Afterward, Uxie will ask you to tell them how many eyes these Pokémon have “one by one yet all at once.” This means that Uxie wants you to give the number of eyes each Pokémon has, but in a series of digits as opposed to adding them all together. As such, you’ll end up with a figure that has five digits—each digit representing the number of eyes of each of the Pokémon listed.

    The Solution to Uxie’s Eyes Puzzle

    A player inputting the number "60131" to give the Uxie's eyes puzzle solution.

    The exact answer is 60131. Now, let’s look at why this is the correct answer.

    Combee, a pocket monster with three heads, has two eyes on each head. Therefore, the first digit is “6” because 3 multiplied by 2 is 6.

    Zubat is a Pokémon with no eyes at all, meaning that the digit for it will be “0.”

    Unown’s body is basically one big eye with a few small limbs. As such, the digit representing its number of eyes is “1.”

    Magneton has a similar body plan to Combee, in that it has three heads. However, each head only has one eye, which makes the digit for this Pokémon “3,” as 3 multiplied by 1 is 3.

    Lastly, Dusclops—as its name hints—is a ghostly cyclops. Famously, cyclops are known to only have one eye, which is true for Dusclops. Therefore, the digit for this Pokémon in Uxie’s puzzle is “1.”

    What You Get for Solving Uxie’s Puzzle

    The player giving the right answer for Uxie's eyes puzzle solution and getting Uxie's Claw as a reward.

    After you solve the riddle, you’ll get Uxie’s Claw. This is one of the key items needed to create the Red Chain. Only when you’ve acquired this and two other important ingredients will you be able to progress to the next main mission in the game.

    The Rewards for the Other Trials

    The other two items you need are Mesprit’s Plume and Azelf’s Fang. To get them, you’ll need to pass the trials of Mesprit and Azelf respectively. Mesprit can be found in Lake Verity’s cave, which is in the Obsidian Fieldlands and Azelf can be found in Lake Valor’s cave, which is in the Crimson Mirelands.

    Although, there are no true riddles to solve for the trials of these other legendary Psychic-type Pokémon. What’s more, you’ll need to battle some relatively strong alpha Pokémon like how you needed to defeat a level 58 alpha Hisuian-Zoroark before being able to talk with Uxie in Lake Acuity’s cave.