Player battling the Titan Dondozo with a Drednaw.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Find the False Dragon Titan

Two Titans for the price of one. What a deal!

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Key Takeaway

To find the False Dragon Titan, start by going to the eastern islands in Casseroya Lake. Then, check out the smaller southern one to find and talk to a large orange Tatsugiri—it’s notably bigger than the others flopping around this island. Afterward, the Titan Dondozo will appear.

To find the False Dragon Titan in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, you will have to think outside the box. Also, be prepared for a bigger fight than usual, as there is more than one Titan lurking in Casseroya Lake.

Table Of Contents

    How to Get the False Dragon Titan to Appear

    Map marker over the smallest isle in the east of Casseroya Lake.

    First, head to the eastern side of Casseroya Lake. Here, there are two islands: a big one to the north and a small one to the south. Go to the very southernmost tip of the small southern isle. When you do, you encounter a talking Tatsugiri that is larger than the others that are flopping around this island.

    A big, talking, orange Tatsugiri.

    After a short dialogue window (where the Tatsugiri basically says “titan”), the Titan Dondozo will appear. At this point, you must battle the huge Dondozo. Once you drop its HP into the red zone, it will flee.

    The Titan Dondozo in Casseroya Lake fleeing from the player after their first defeat.

    Afterward, you must track it down. This is much like how you have to follow every Titan after defeating them for the first time. Thankfully, a marker will appear on the map exactly where you need to go.

    Follow the Titan Dondozo and Defeat It Again

    The Titan Dondozo following the Titan Tatsugiri into a cave.

    As you approach the map marker, a cutscene will play. During it, you see the large Tatsugiri hopping into a cave. Then, the Titan Dondozo follows it into the cave as well and eats it alive. The Tatsugiri ate the Herba Mystica hidden here and the Titan Dondozo ate the Tatsugiri, so the Titan Dondozo gets powered up by the special plant as well.

    Following this rather gruesome scene, you must battle the Titan Dondozo again. Although it’s pretty tough, you can defeat it much like you would a normal Dondozo. Put simply, hit it with high base power special Grass-type and Electric-type moves. Dondozo has a huge Defense stat, though its Special Defense is quite low.

    Defeat the Titan Tatsugiri

    After you defeat the Titan Dondozo, it will flee for the second and last time—but not before spitting out the Tatsugiri that it recently ate! However, instead of being grateful, the Tatsugiri attacks you.

    It turns out that it is still powered up from eating the Herba Mystica hidden nearby, so it will have full Titan powers. You set out to find the False Dragon Titan, but you’ve actually found two!

    Tatsugiri is Dragon and Water-type, so Grass and Electric-type attacks won’t be super-effective like they were on Dondozo. Also, Tatsugiri has decent Special Defense and weak Defense, so you should use physical attacks on it.

    As such, you want to use physical Dragon-type or Fairy-type moves to take down the Titan Tatsugiri. Thankfully, Tatsugiri’s HP stat is way lower than Dondozo’s, so it won’t take too long to defeat it. Be wary, as this tiny fish-dragon has high Special Attack, so you don’t want to take too many hits from it.

    Fun fact: the Pokédex entry for Curly Form Tatsugiri (the orange form) states that it lives inside the mouth of Dondozo for protection. This means that the Titan Dondozo wasn’t trying to eat the Titan Tatsugiri, but protect it. What a twist!

    After the Back-to-Back Battle

    Once you’ve defeated both of this lake’s Titans, you and Arven explore the cave on the central island. Here, you discover another of the Herba Mystica. Chow down and enjoy another overworld power for Miraidon or Koraidon—and more!