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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: How to Get Haxorus

Enter the dragon!

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Key Takeaway

You must evolve Fraxure to get a Haxorus. Fraxure evolves into Haxorus at level 48.

There aren’t too many pure Dragon-type pocket monsters in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. And, out of all of them, Haxorus has the best offensive capabilities, making Haxorus a great fit for your team.

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    How to Evolve Fraxure Into Haxorus

    A Fraxure that is evolving and surrounded by bright light.

    Fraxure evolves into Haxorus when it reaches level 48. For a pseudo-legendary, this is uncommon, as most others evolve into their final stage after level 50. The quickest way to do this is to catch a Faxure and then level it up, however, it can be better to catch a lower-level Axew for better EV training opportunities.

    Where to Find Wild Fraxures

    Where Fraxure can spawn in Paldea.

    Despite being weak to Ice-type moves, this species lives remarkably close to the frigid Glaseado Mountain. Specifically, it can mostly be found west of Glaseado Mountain in North Provine Area One and south of Glaseado Mountain around the Dalizapa Passage Pokémon Center. There is also a small region where it can spawn just southeast of Zapapico.

    Where to Find Wild Axews

    Where Axew can spawn in Paldea.

    Axews can spawn in the same places as Fraxures—for the most part. Although, its distribution south of Glaseado Mountain is more generous than to the west of the icy peak. Also, there is a big area where Axews can spawn in South Province Area Five. The latter is the best place to find Axew early in your playthrough.

    Tips for Leveling Up Your Fraxure

    If you’ve already been to Area Zero, there is a great experience farming spot near Research Station #3. Fly to the Zero Gate and then use the teleporter to head down there.

    A player about to descend toward Research Station #3.

    Once you reach this spot, exit the building and look behind it. Here, you can see a cave entrance.

    A cave behind Research Station #3.

    Within this cave, there is a bunch of different Pokémon species—all of which will be around level 55. However, the species you’re looking for is Chansey. This egg-shaped pocket monster gives you a ton of experience whenever you knock it out or capture it. Better yet, Chanseys spawn here more frequently than most other places in the game.

    A player battling a Chansey with a Fraxure.

    Your best bet for engaging Chanseys in battle before they run away is either to throw a Poké Ball at them from behind with the ZR button or to run into them while riding your mount at full speed.

    Even if your Fraxure is close to 20 levels lower than a Chansey, it shouldn’t take more than two or three attacks to knock it out. If you don’t see any Chanseys, use the Auto-Battle mechanic to clear out other Pokémon so that Chanseys can spawn.

    Is Haxorus Any Good?

    A bunch of Haxorus hanging out in a cave.

    Yes, Haxorus is a pretty good physically-oriented Pokémon. It has the potential to hit hard and is fairly fast as well, which can let it be a decent physical sweeper. Also, Haxorus’ design is satisfyingly powerful-looking with its sharp blade-like tusks.

    Haxorus’ Typing

    Since Haxorus is only Dragon-type, it doesn’t have the best matchups. For the most part, it will take normal amounts of damage from the majority of types. It has three weaknesses (Dragon, Ice, and Fairy) as well as four resistances (Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric).

    To deal with Ice and Fairy-type foes, you should give Haxorus a Steel-type coverage move—like Iron Head—as Steel is super-effective against both Ice and Fairy-types.

    Haxorus’ Stats

    Here are Haxorus’ base stats:

    • HP – 76
    • Attack – 147
    • Defense – 90
    • Special Attack – 60
    • Special Defense – 70
    • Speed – 97

    Easily the most impressive of Haxorus’ base stats is its Attack. As a point of comparison, its base Attack is two points higher than that of Landorus (Therian Forme). With that said, Haxorus has low Special Attack—not that you need it.

    In regard to its bulk, Haxorus’ HP isn’t the best—nor is its Special Defense. But its Defense is decent, which allows it to tank a physical attack or two. Although, you still don’t want your Haxorus to take too many attacks, as, again, its HP stat is rather mediocre.

    Thankfully, its Speed makes up for its middling bulk. By itself, it won’t outspeed the fastest opponents, however, it has a high chance of moving before plenty of foes. With that said, you are still going to want to give Haxorus a move that boosts its Speed if you intend for it to be a viable sweeper.

    Haxorus’ Moveset

    The best moves that Haxorus can learn through leveling up are Dragon-type ones amidst a few decent Dark and Normal-type moves. As such, if you want any sort of decent coverage, you need to use a few TMs. Alternatively, you can breed some moves onto an Axew and then evolve it a couple of times.

    The two top moves to teach your Haxorus are Dragon Dance and Outrage. Dragon Dance will let Haxorus outspeed foes easier and Outrage hits hard with almost no chance to miss. Combine the two and you should be able to sweep many in-game teams with minimal effort.

    Just be wary of the confusion caused by using Outrage. To compensate for that, try making your Haxorus hold a Persim Berry or Lum Berry, as these will let Haxorus cure itself immediately after it becomes confused.

    Here are some of the best moves for Haxorus:

    • Dragon Claw (learned at level 18)
    • Crunch (learned at level 24)
    • Dragon Dance (learned at level 27)
    • Outrage (learned at level 46)
    • Poison Jab (learned from TM083)
    • Rock Slide (learned from TM086)
    • Iron Head (learned from TM099)
    • Earthquake (learned from TM149)
    • Close Combat (learned from TM167)
    • Iron Tail (learned from breeding)