Close-up of a Zorua on a dirt path.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Where to Find Zorua and Zoroark

Look through the illusions to find these foxes!

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Key Takeaway

Zorua can spawn in West Province Area Three and Tagtree Thicket. Zoroark can spawn in Socarrat Trail. However, both of them will always be disguised as other Pokémon species. You need to spot them on the minimap and then investigate nearby Pokémon by zooming in on them. Zorua’s and Zoroark’s names will appear above them even when they are in disguise.

To find Zorua and Zoroark, you need to take a close look at Pokémon nearby. Their mastery over illusions can have you searching long and hard for them in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. However, there are some tricks for locating them.

Table Of Contents

    Where Zorua and Zoroark Spawn

    Locations marked on the map which show where Zorua can spawn.

    Zorua can spawn in two different locations. The first is West Province Area Three and the second is Tagtree Thicket. Depending on your progression route, you may find one location easier to reach than the other.

    As for Zoroark, they can only spawn in Socarrat Trail, which is the rocky area in the far northwest of the Paldea region. With that said, both of these pocket monsters use the same trick to disguise themselves.

    How to See Through Zorua’s and Zoroark’s Disguises

    A player finding a Zorua disguised as a Shroomish.

    After you learn where Zorua and Zoroark can spawn, you need to tighten your focus to actually encounter them. Here’s where the minimap comes into play. Keep an eye on it as you walk around and, if you’re in the right spot, you may see a Zorua or Zoroark on it.

    At this point, try to move to the position of the Zorua or Zoroark on your minimap. This can be a bit tricky since the minimap is somewhat inaccurate. However, it won’t lie about which Pokémon are nearby—it’s just a little imprecise. The minimap will always show if a Zorua or Zoroark is nearby.

    Next, you need to investigate the Pokémon around where the minimap is showing a Zorua or Zoroark. Zoom in on a Pokémon by holding down the ZL button. Then, line a target Pokémon up with the center of your screen. This will cause the Pokémon’s name to appear.

    When you find a Zorua and Zoroark in disguise like this, the game will always have their names displayed above them. As such, they won’t be able to fool you if you’re looking directly at them. Finally, once you see through their illusion, engage them in a battle so that you can capture them!