Resident Evil 4: Farm Blue Medallion Locations

This will be the first set of blue medallions you'll have to destroy for the merchant.
Farm Blue Medallion in Resident Evil 4.

As you make it through the first chapter of the remake of Resident Evil 4, you’ll notice a handful of blue medallions hung around the farm area. Destroy these medallions and the merchant will reward you with Spinels. You can then use these to purchase other useful items in the game.

Table Of Contents

    Farm Blue Medallion 1

    The first blue medallion in the Farm in Resident Evil 4.

    The first blue medallion is on the wall outside of the house where the typewriter is. Head outside the house and go to the back. You’ll find it in the left corner.

    Farm Blue Medallion 2

    The second blue medallion in the Farm.

    There is another medallion inside the farmhouse north of the house where the typewriter is. Look inside the farmhouse from the outside through the southern window and you’ll find the medallion.

    Farm Blue Medallion 3

    The third blue medallion in the Farm.

    Another medallion is in a smaller hut on the western side of the town. The hut is to the right of a well with a waterwheel above it. You’ll find the medallion inside the hut, in the rafters.

    Farm Blue Medallion 4

    The fourth blue medallion in the Farm.

    The fourth medallion is hanging on the upper window of the barn. You can see the medallion from the ground outside.

    Farm Blue Medallion 5

    The fifth blue medallion in the Farm.

    The final blue medallion on the farm is hanging under a wooden platform behind a fence, to the right of the locked wayshrine on the eastern side of the town.