The sign that details the blue medallions in the Grand Hall.

Resident Evil 4: Grand Hall Blue Medallion Locations

The Grand Hall is one of the more elegant-looking areas in the game, and the merchant has decided the blue medallions don't belong here.

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Key Takeaway

There are six blue medallions in the Grand Hall.

  1. Under an arch that’s right by the entrance to the Grand Hall.
  2. Behind a pillar where the headless statues are.
  3. Behind the curtain of the northeastern window in the Dining Hall.
  4. In the chandelier hanging above the Grand Hall.
  5. On the southern window of the Armory.
  6. Behind a pillar on the northern section of the Gallery.

Resident Evil 4 has a couple of side quests you can do in the form of Merchant Requests. One of these is Blue Medallions 4, located in the Grand Hall of the Castle area. There are six of them in total. Thankfully, they’re not that difficult to find.

Table Of Contents

    Grand Hall Blue Medallions Checklist

    If you need some help keeping track of the blue medallions in the Grand Hall, use our little checklist! You can bookmark this page and come back later for easy reference.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 1

    Leon looking up at the first blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    From the merchant’s room, walk towards the entrance of the Grand Hall. Immediately look up and to the left after crossing the entryway and you’ll find the medallion hanging under an arch.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 2

    The second blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    Go over to where the statues are located. Head behind the pillar that’s right behind the statues to spot the next blue medallion.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 3

    The third blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    Make your way to the Dining Hall. You’ll find a blue medallion behind the curtains of the northeastern corner window of this room.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 4

    The fourth blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    Head to the upper floor of the Grand Hall. Face the chandelier and you’ll find another blue medallion at its center. This one can be tricky to spot because of the lights, but you can find it if you look at the chandelier from the correct angle. Walk around while keeping your sights on the center of the chandelier until you spot the medallion.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 5

    The fifth blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    Head to the Armory. Look over to the southern window in this room and you’ll spot the medallion hanging under the arch.

    Grand Hall Blue Medallion 6

    The sixth blue medallion in the Grand Hall.

    The last blue medallion in the Grand Hall is in the Gallery. It’s on the northern side of the Gallery, behind a pillar on the lower floor.

    With all six blue medallions collected in the Grand Hall, return to the merchant before continuing. You may also have picked up a few treasures and gemstones while exploring the Grand Hall. Be sure to sell them to the merchant as well.