Things to do with gemstones in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4: What to Do With Gemstones

Leon can now include "treasure hunter" on his resume.

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As you delve deeper into the harrowing world of Resident Evil 4, you’ll find yourself amassing a glittering trove of gemstones. Gemstones are quick and sure ways to earn pesetas, which you can then use to purchase items from the merchant and upgrade weapons. However, there’s a better way of maximizing the lucrative potential of gemstones.

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    Selling Gemstones to the Merchant

    Selling gemstones to the merchant in Resident Evil 4.

    The easiest and quickest use of the gemstones is to sell them to the merchant. You can sell these for high prices. It’s a great method to use if there’s a weapon you want to purchase or an upgrade you want to perform but you’re a few pesetas short.

    However, if there’s no immediate need for pesetas, it’s best to hold on to your gemstones until you can pick up a treasure that allows you to inlay it with gemstones.

    Inlay Gemstones

    Inlaying gemstones into a treasure in Resident Evil 4.

    Certain treasures in Resident Evil 4 can be inlaid with gemstones. This will significantly increase the treasure’s value, exceeding its original value and the gemstones inlaid into it combined. The value of these inlaid treasures can go as high as 100,000 pesetas. In fact, you can earn a trophy or achievement if you can sell a treasure that’s worth at least 100,000.

    Not all treasures can be inlaid with gems, though. You’ll know whether or not a treasure can be inlaid with gems when you hover over it from the Key Items & Treasures menu.

    The value increase of the treasure depends on the combination of the gemstones inlaid. Some treasures can have two to five gemstone slots. The following are the gemstone combinations and how much they can increase a treasure’s value.

    Gemstone CombinationDescriptionReward
    Two ColorsTwo gemstones of differing colors.x1.1
    DuoTwo gemstones of the same color.x.1.2
    Three ColorsThree gemstones of the same color.x.1.3
    TrioThree gemstones of the same color.x1.4
    Two DuosTwo duos.x1.5
    Four ColorsFour gemstones of differing color.x1.6
    QuartetFour gemstones of the same color.x1.7
    Duo & TrioOne duo and one trio.x1.8
    QuintetFive gemstones of the same color.x1.9
    Five ColorsFive gemstones of differing colorsx2.0

    The more gemstones you can stash up for treasures, the higher opportunity you’ll have of selling a high-value treasure to the merchant. The most valuable treasure with inlaid gems you sell is the Elegant Crown with the Five Colors inlaid gemstone combination. You can find an Elegant Crown in the Depths in Chapter 10 and in a chest at the beginning of Chapter 13.

    Different Kinds of Gemstones

    The gemstones from Resident Evil 4.

    Gemstones come in two shapes only: round and square. This matters when you’re inlaying gemstones into treasures since the gem slots are also either round or square. These are the round gemstones and their values:

    • Ruby – 3,000 Ptas
    • Sapphire – 4,000 Ptas
    • Yellow Diamond – 7,000 Ptas

    On the other hand, these are the square gemstones you’ll find:

    • Emerald – 5,000 Ptas
    • Alexandrite – 6,000 Ptas
    • Red Beryl – 9,000 Ptas