Deface Ramon's Portrait Merchant Request from Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4: How to Deface Ramon’s Portrait

Ramon Salazar is not the biggest fan of eggs.

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In Resident Evil 4 Remake, you’ll get a Merchant Request that tasks you to deface Ramon’s portrait. Complete the request to earn Spinels. You can gather items for an upcoming encounter in the same area where the portrait is. There’s also an infamous scene here you can trigger.

The Merchant Request becomes available at the start of Chapter 12, right after you return to the surface. From the area where the Merchant and the railcar are, start making your way to the Throne Room. You can get there by returning to the ballroom, then heading to the Antechamber.

The Throne Room in Resident Evil 4 shown on the map.

Be careful when you arrive at the Antechamber. The Garradors aren’t here anymore, but you’ll still find a handful of Zealots and Plagas. Eliminate them, then proceed to the Throne Room ahead.

Once here, you’ll find two chickens roaming around. Wait for one of them to lay an egg.

A chicken in Resident Evil 4 laying an egg.

Pick up the egg and equip it from the Inventory menu. Then, walk up to Ramon’s portrait, on the wall left of the throne. Throw an egg at it to complete the Merchant Request.

Throwing an egg at Ramon's portrait.

While here, you can also head to the southern wall of the Throne Room to find a square lock box. You can open it with the Cubic Device. Inside it is a Golden Egg. You can use this during the fight with Ramon Salazar. Throwing one Golden Egg at him will reduce his health by over 70%. It seems Ramon really doesn’t like eggs, whether it is thrown on his portrait or himself.

The Golden Egg in the Throne Room.

Finally, before you leave this room, take the time to sit on the throne. A little scene will trigger showing Leon sitting on the throne. This has no effect gameplay-wise, but it’s one of those little secret scenes that were present in the original and kept in the remake. Players of the original game will especially get a chuckle out of this scene.