Pest Control Merchant Request in the Abandoned Factory from Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4: Pest Control Rat Locations in the Abandoned Factory

Even rats aren't safe when Leon is around.

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There are side activities you can do in Resident Evil 4 called Merchant Requests. One of these requests is called Pest Control. This one will have you scour an area to kill a few rats. You’ll encounter your first Pest Control Merchant Request in the Abandoned Factory during Chapter 2.

Table Of Contents

    Rat #1

    The first rat in the Abandoned Factory.

    From the merchant, return to the factory and go to the hallway past the door to the right. You’ll find the first rat in this hallway. Shoot the rat or slash it with your knife if you don’t want to waste any ammo and can time the slash correctly.

    Rat #2

    The second rat in the Abandoned Factory.

    Make your way to the end of the hallway and jump over the open window. You’ll find the next rat running around in the exact area where you land after passing through the window.

    Rat #3

    The third rat in the Abandoned Factory.

    In the same area where you found the second rat, look over to the wider part of the room where there’s a puddle on the ground. Walk over to this section and you’ll find the third rat scurrying around.