The note that details the Blue Medallions in the Quarry and Fish Farm in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4: Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion Locations

These medallions are scattered in different areas. Be sure not to miss them.

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Key Takeaway

There are five blue medallions in Quarry and Fish Farm.

  1. One is located high up in the Quarry, hanging under a wooden scaffolding.
  2. Inside a shack in the Fish Farm.
  3. Behind a wooden paneling in the southwestern section of the Fish Farm.
  4. Beneath the wooden platform you jump off from when you get to the western half of the Fish Farm.
  5. Under the docks where the boat is.

The Quarry and the Fish Farm are two areas you’ll find within the village in Resident Evil 4. These are also the locations of the game’s second set of blue medallions. Since the merchant so desperately wants these destroyed, it’s time once more to get shooting.

Table Of Contents

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion Checklist

    For an easy way to keep track of these collectibles, use our simple checklist! Feel free to bookmark this webpage and come back whenever you need a quick reference.

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion 1

    Leon looking at the blue medallion in the Quarry.

    You’ll find the first medallion when you enter the Quarry. It is placed high above, hanging under a wooden scaffolding, located above the exit that leads to the merchant.

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion 2

    Leon facing the blue medallion inside the shack in the Fish Farm.

    Head to the Fish Farm and go to the small shack found in the southeastern corner of the area. You’ll find this shack after going up a ramp from the swampy area. You’ll see the blue medallion inside, hanging from the ceiling, above two barrels.

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion 3

    The third blue medallion in the Quarry and Fish Farm.

    Head further west from the previous medallion and go up the next ramp. Upon reaching the end of this path, look to the right and you’ll see a hole in the wall and the blue medallion inside it.

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion 4

    Leon crouching under a wooden dock in the Fish Farm, facing a blue medallion.

    Head to the western section of the Fish Farm, closer to the sub-objective area. As you jump down to the swamp from the wooden platform, turn around and head under the platform. Look to the right and you’ll spot the medallion immediately.

    Quarry and Fish Farm Blue Medallion 5

    Leon aiming at a blue medallion at the docks in Resident Evil 4.

    The final blue medallion is in the docks. Look right while facing and standing next to the boat and you’ll see the medallion hanging under the dock.

    That’s all five of the blue medallions you’ll find in this area. At this point, you can either return to the merchant or hop on the boat to progress. You may want to return to the former, though, as the next sections are going to be tough. Return to the merchant, purchase necessary items, or repair your knife if you have to before pressing on.