Resident Evil 4: Where to Find Elegant Crowns

Saving Ashley can be a fairly lucrative endeavor.
Elegant Crown from Resident Evil 4.

Elegant Crowns are the most expensive treasures the merchant will buy in Resident Evil 4. The value of an Elegant Crown, once inlaid with gemstones, can go up to over 100,000. They’re also quite rare. That said, it’s best to obtain every one of them so you can earn more Pesetas.

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    The Depths in Chapter 10

    The Elegant Crown in the Depths.

    The first Elegant Crown you can pick up, unless you have the Treasure Map Expansion, is in The Depths during Chapter 10. As you navigate through the swampy underground area and you finally make it to the dilapidated structure to the west, you’ll find the crown on the ground, next to a corpse, at the end of the hallway.

    Wharf in Chapter 13

    The Elegant Crown in the Wharf.

    The next Elegant Crown is in the Wharf in Chapter 13. It’s to the south of the warehouse where Ashley is. The crown is in a chest, on a table next to a truck.

    Elegant Crown From the Expansion Map

    The Elegant Crown from the Treasure Map Expansion.

    Those who have the Treasure Map Expansion can obtain one more Elegant Crown. When you make it to the Merchant Hideout in the Grand Hall during Chapter 9, Proceed through the door to the right of the merchant and you’ll find a railcar at the end. Ride the railcar.

    You’ll then be taken to the other end of the track next to the Typewriter room next to the Audience Chamber. Here, you’ll find a chest that contains an Elegant Crown.