Three characters stranded in outer space in the video game RimWorld.

RimWorld: How to Get Cloth

Because running around naked on an alien planet seems like a bad idea.

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Key Takeaway

The most reliable way to get Cloth is by planting Cotton Plants. Each mature plant will yield 10 Cloth. Cloth can also be purchased from visiting traders and trading ships.

In the colony-management sim RimWorld, collecting items and crafting is vital to your survival on an alien planet. Cloth is one of the most important materials in the game, used to make clothing, furniture, armor, carpet, and even medicine. It doesn’t spawn naturally, so obtaining it can be a challenge.

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    Why Is Cloth Important?

    Trying to survive on a distant planet is tough, but trying to do so naked is tougher. As you might have guessed, You can use Cloth to make clothing, one of the most important items in the game. Clothing protects your colonists from the elements and can significantly boost their mood.

    At the start of the game, Cloth is one of the most accessible materials used to craft clothing. However, the protection it offers against the elements is rather weak when compared to other textiles. As you progress, you’ll find sturdier materials to use when making clothing like leather and wool.

    Crafting a Cowboy Hat in Rimworld.

    Cloth is also used to craft other useful items, including some that are vital for the colony’s comfort and entertainment needs. See the table below for all recipes requiring Cloth.

    Item NameCloth Required
    Billiards Table80
    Poker Table50
    Rustic Rug (Broad)150
    Rustic Rug (Medium)100
    Sacrificial Flag40
    Molotov Cocktails25
    Flak Jacket50
    Flak Pants30
    Flak Vest30
    Hex Carpet35
    Mindbend Carpet35
    Morbid Carpet35
    Fine Carpet35

    Colonists require some form of Recreation, and both the Billiards table and Poker table provide ways for your citizens to have fun. Crafting rugs and carpets and placing them inside your base will also increase the perceived beauty stat of your pawns. Having a beautiful environment can provide consistent mood buffs to your entire colony, so be sure to decorate your space!

    Flak armor will help protect your colonists but restricts their movement speed. At the start of the game, try to equip as many of your citizens with flak vests as possible. These are cheaper to make and provide much-needed protection until you find more powerful armor later in the game.

    How to Get Cloth in RimWorld

    The most reliable way to get Cloth is by planting Cotton Plants.

    Find a place on your map with fertile soil. Click on the Architect menu, select ‘Zone,’ and use your mouse to highlight where you’d like to plant your Cotton. Select ‘Cotton Plant’ and assign one of your colonists to take care of the crops. Each Cotton Plant harvested will give you 10 cloth.

    Cotton plants growing in Rimworld, allowing players to create cloth.

    Cotton Plants require minimum soil fertility of 70% and the temperature should remain between 50F and 107F. If your growing conditions are ideal, your plants should mature in 10 days when planted in Rich Soil or as quickly as five days if using a Hydroponics bin. Cotton Plants placed in Gravel will take around 20 days to mature while planting in normal Soil will take around 14 days.

    Assign a colonist with a high Growing skill to your Cotton Plant crop. This will boost your chance of having a successful harvest.

    If your colony doesn’t have the space or means to begin a Cotton farm, purchasing Cloth from a trader might be your only option. Occasionally, merchants will visit your colony eager to exchange goods. These helpful NPCs are indicated by a question mark, and buying materials from them is never a bad idea.

    Later in the game, you’ll gain access to the Comms Console. This makes it possible to communicate with other factions and buy Cloth from trader vessels in orbit.

    Cloth is required to craft proper clothing for your colonists and can also be used to craft Recreation items and early-game armor. When starting RimWorld, stocking up on Cloth and Components should be a priority. The colonists will thank you.