One of the Chest locations in Roblox Critical Legends

Roblox Critical Legends: All Chest Locations

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Roblox Critical Legends is a game that revolves around exploration, battle, and finding hidden treasures. There are 39 treasures in total for you to locate. Here’s where you can find every chest in the game.

Table Of Contents

    Spawn Chest Locations

    PunchOn the boat to the right of spawn
    PickaxeAt the stairs in front of spawn
    Metal PlateOn the roof of the shack behind the apple tree to the left of spawn
    Beta FactoryOn the roof of the shack to the left of Legit Shop
    Beta TicketInside Legit Shop

    Primis Field Chest Locations

    Rage ScrollUnder the apple tree in the first left turn you make
    Sharpener RockUp the stairs of the first right turn in Cave 1
    Burning LeafInside Cave 1, turn left and continue to the end to reach the purple hell portal. Turn left on the other side of the portal and cross the bridge. The chest is surrounded by lava rocks to your right.
    Travelling BootsImmediately outside Cave 1

    Thyrus Wood Chest Locations

    Hunting DaggerEntrance of Thyrus Wood
    Icy ShieldIn the first left turn, under the apple tree
    Venom ScrollSouth of the Arsenal shop
    Campfire WoodNext to a campfire in the southern part of the wood

    Flower Fields Chest Locations

    HoneycombThe center of the Flower Fields
    HoneyshieldThe northern wall of the Flower Fields.
    Sun FragmentThe black platform in front of the Flower Fields
    Queen's SoulThe southern wall of the Flower Fields, next to Queen Bee.

    Punky Sky Chest Locations

    Force FieldIn the southern edge of the Slime King's Forest, take the stairs to the Trading Place, and then go to Punky Sky island via boat. The chest is to the right of the Arsenal shop on top of a house.
    Dark Burn ScrollAt one of the pillars across the bridge to the left of the Arsenal shop
    Blood to Mana ScrollBehind the last house to the left of the Potion shop

    Slime King’s Chest Locations

    BarrageBehind the tree located to the north of Slime King's Forest
    King's CrownThe eastern wall of the Slime King's Forest
    Slime JarThe corner to the southwest of Slime King's Forest
    Self Heal ScrollThe corner to the southwest of the Slime King's Forest
    Ignite ScrollNear the crates outside of Cave 2

    Snowy Cap Chest Locations

    Ice RoseTo the right of the spawn boat at the southern wall, after taking the boat from Punky Sky isle's pierce to Snowy Caps
    Blizzard in a BottleThe bottom of the pillar holding the spawn boat, one level below
    Self FreezeAnother level below, across the bridge

    Evergreen Chest Locations

    Chaos Strike ScrollOn the rock between the bridges in Cave 3. You'll need to use a few Hast potions to reach it.
    Group Heal ScrollThe right wall outside of Cave 3
    Mana ScrollThe northern wall

    Forest Chest Locations

    VirusNext to Blubb's Castle to the north of the Forest
    Mini TreeAcross the bridge in the eastern edge of the Forest
    Gravity IslandOn the upper platform close to Skeleton King's Tower in the southeastern part of the Forest
    Heart FruitIn the center of the Forest
    Tiki TorchOn the seashore in the southern edge of the Forest

    The Void Chest Location (Level 100)

    Soul DrainAfter reaching level 100, enter The Void from the easter edge of the Forest. The chest is on a lone rock to the left outside the portal. You'll need to use a Hast potion to reach it.

    Heroes Cavern Chest Locations (Level 125)

    Soul in a BottleAfter reaching level 125, jump through the narrow hole in the center of the Slime King's Forest to enter the Heroes Cavern. Use a Moon potion and find the chest to the left of the Arsenal shop on the top pillar of the dark platform.
    Shadow FruitContinue south and find the chest behind the final platform