Speed flipping in Rocket League.

Rocket League: How to Speed Flip

The turbo pads and the boost button are not the only ways to go fast in Rocket League.

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Key Takeaway

First off, learn how to do a Diagonal Flip. You can do Diagonal Flips by holding the left stick up to about the 11 o’clock position. Then, learn how to do a Flip Cancel. You can Flip Cancel by holding the left stick down after performing a flip.

Combine these two actions together and you can do a Speed Flip.

The Speed Flip in Rocket League is a great mechanic to move around the arena much faster. It’s also employed by pros to win kickoffs. It’s a swift movement that gives your car a massive boost, allowing you to gain an advantage over your opponents when chasing the ball.

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    Rocket League: How to Speed Flip Video Guide

    An Explanation of the Speed Flip

    A Speed Flip is when you can flip your car diagonally and cancel that flip midway through so that it performs a spinning motion instead. Flips can make your vehicle advance faster in Rocket League and this “Speed Flip” ensures you can land faster on the ground while maintaining swift forward momentum.

    Speed Flips are great during kickoffs as it allows you to get to the ball faster. Once you master this mechanic, it’s also best to consistently perform this movement as you maneuver around the arena so that you can maintain a quick pace.

    A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Do a Speed Flip

    The first thing you should practice before learning how to Speed Flip is picking up how to Flip Cancel.

    The act of Flip Cancelling is when you stop a flip midway through the motion. Cancel a front flip and the car will land on its roof or hood. This is the first motion you should practice as you make your way towards Speed Flipping.

    How to Flip Cancel (00:20 in the Video Guide)

    To Flip Cancel, drive forward and double-tap the jump button while holding the left stick up. This will initiate the forward flip motion.

    Front flipping in Rocket League.

    Immediately after pressing the jump button a second time, bring the left stick down and keep holding it. This will “cancel” the front flip halfway through and the car will remain in an upside-down position.

    Flip cancelling in Rocket League.

    Keep doing this until you can consistently land the car on its roof.

    This is the basic motion you’ll use to do a Speed Flip later on. Once you’ve mastered the Flip Cancel, it’s time to move on to Speed Flipping.

    Diagonal Flipping (00:51 in the Video Guide)

    Instead of front flipping, tilt the left stick at about 11 o’clock so that it is positioned slightly off to the left from 12 o’clock. As you perform flips while positioning the left stick as such, your car will perform a diagonal flip instead of a front flip. Keep performing the diagonal flip until you can get the hang of it,

    Diagonal flipping in Rocket League.

    Once you’re able to do the diagonal flip, perform a Flip Cancel and your vehicle will somewhat spin as it tries to flip diagonally. The nose of the car will remain forward while the flip happens and you’ll be able to land on the ground much faster because of the positioning of the vehicle. This is how you do a Speed Flip in Rocket League.

    Speed flipping in Rocket League.
    Keep this in mind: Diagonal Flip + Flip Cancel = Speed Flip.

    This sounds very simple on paper. However, performing it requires precision and muscle memory. Keep practicing until you can consistently do a Speed Flip. Feel free to spend hours doing nothing but this in Free Play before you use this in Online Matches.

    Speed Flips are flashy and they feel good once you get the hang of them. Maintaining a lot of momentum as you move around the arena is a great way to excel in Rocket League. This game is all about speed and precision, and this mechanic is a testament to that.

    Practice Speed Flips using the best cars in your arsenal. In time, you’ll be able to make goals just a few seconds after matches begin as you outrun everyone during kickoffs. Good luck, speedster!

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